Dear Commissioner/Councilmember,

The Calpine power plant proposed for Coyote Valley would be inappropriate for
many reasons and I urge you to vote against changing the General Plan to
allow it.

Some of the reasons I oppose the proposed power plant are:

-- #1 worst stationary source of air emissions in the city of San Jose;

-- release emissions of nearly 3 TONS per day into our airshed;

-- lower the land use of Coyote from campus to heavy industrial;

-- downgrade visual impact on entering San Jose from the south;

-- plant expected to have an exhaust plume nearly 600 feet high;

-- use and transport of hazardous materials;

-- location 1/2 mile from existing homes;

-- opposed by Mayor Gonzales and Councilmembers in two closest Districts,
Councilmember Powers and Councilmember Dando;

-- local and state energy needs well addressed with many projects now
proposed and in CEC approval pipeline;

-- Six new power plants have already been approved since deregulation,
including Moss Landing upgrade, that will supply power to San Jose;

-- Power plant could not be built in time to address near-term shortage
(summer 2001), and will be part of excess generation in state when it could
be built;

-- New power plant projects already approved total over 5,000 MW of
generating capacity, or 40 times more than the shortage we experienced on
June 14 (130 MW).

For these and many other reasons, I urge you to vote no on this project that
will be bad for our city, bad for our people, bad for our environment, and
bad for our future.


Renee E. Brown
7102 Point Dunes Court
San Jose, CA  95139