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In the Matter of:                           )     Docket No. 99-AFC-3
Application for Certification for the       )
Metcalf Energy Center [Calpine Corporation  )     NOTICE OF RESCHEDULED 
and Bechtel Enterprises, Inc.]              )     STATUS CONFERENCE -and- RULING


The Committee will conduct a public Status Conference as follows:

Beginning at 6:30 p.m.
Multipurpose Room
280 Martinvale Lane
San Jose, California 95119

New location:
141 Avenida Espana
San Jose, CA 95139

[Wheelchair Accessible]

This Conference will be held in lieu of that previously scheduled for November 23, 1999, and cancelled by Notice of November 10, 1999.

The purposes of this Conference are to discuss the progress of the case thusfar, to assess any effects of recent developments upon the project schedule, and to receive public comment on these and other reasonably related matters.

In recent months, the Applicant has filed two supplements to the original Application for Certification; these supplements require additional review and may cause the filing of additional data requests. Moreover, responses are still outstanding for existing data requests. Further, we understand that the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's (BAAQMD) preliminary evaluation of the proposed project's air quality impacts has been delayed, as has the California Independent System Operator's (CAL ISO) transmission system review.

These factors could cause the Preliminary Staff Assessment (PSA), currently due December 7, 1999 to be delayed or issued in an incomplete form. A late or incomplete PSA could, in turn, affect the timing and consideration of necessary entitlement actions by the City of San Jose. The combination of these elements creates confusion and uncertainty to the concerned public participating in this proceeding.

Therefore, the Applicant and Staff shall, and other parties may: 1) update the status of discovery (i.e. data responses and requests); 2) provide expected dates for delivery of necessary determinations by other entries such as the BAAQMD and CAL ISO and, if necessary, from federal agencies such as the United States Fish and Wildlife Service; 3) discuss the likely release date of the PSA; 4) explain the process for, and timing of, necessary actions by the City of San Jose; and 5) address any other relevant matters.

Landowners, members of the public, and interested agencies are invited to attend this event.

Members of the public may participate in all phases of the licensing process in a variety of ways. If you need information concerning public participation, please contact Roberta Mendonca, the Commission's Public Adviser, at (916) 654-4489 or, toll free in California, at (800) 822-6228 or email: PAO@energy.state.ca.us Please contact Robert Sifuentes at (916) 654-5004 if you require special accommodation to participate at this Conference. Media inquiries should be directed to Claudia Chandler, Assistant Executive Director for Media and Public Communications, at (916) 654-4989 or email at: energia@energy.ca.gov

Technical questions concerning the project should be addressed to Paul Richins, the Commission's Project Manager, at (916) 654-4074 or email: prichins@energy.state.ca.us Questions of a legal or procedural nature should be directed to Stanley W. Valkosky, the Hearing Officer, at (916) 654-3893.

Information concerning the status of the project, as well as notices and other relevant documents, is also available on the Energy Commission's Web Site at: www.energy.ca.gov/sitingcases/metcalf


On November 15, 1999, a member of the public filed a "Motion" requesting that we take additional measures to notify the public concerning rescheduling this Status Conference.

Notice cancelling the November 23 session was mailed to the Proof of Service List and to pertinent mass mail lists (containing over 7,200 entries) approximately two weeks in advance. It was also promptly posted on the Commission's website and reflected in the "Community Calendar" routinely distributed to local media by the Commission's Media and Public Communications Office. The current Notice rescheduling the Conference for December 16 will be similarly distributed.

Nevertheless, we recognize the high degree of public interest in this project and wish to publicize Commission events by all reasonable means. Therefore, in this instance, our Media Office will also circulate a "media advisory" to local print and electronic media providing notice of the rescheduled event. We cannot, however, ensure that local media will carry actual coverage of this matter.

Date Placed On Line: November 23, 1999


ROBERT A. LAURIE, Commissioner
Presiding Member
Metcalf AFC Committee

Associate Member
Metcalf AFC Committee

Mailed to List: 700, 701, 702 & POS List

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