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In the Matter of:               )     Docket No. 99-AFC-4 
Application for Certification   )     NOTICE OF COMMITTEE CONFERENCE
for the Moss Landing Power      )     ON PROPOSED MITIGATION RE:
Plant Project                   )     MARINE BIOLOGICAL RESOURCES

This Notice is to inform you that the Committee designated to conduct proceedings on the Application for Certification for the Moss Landing Power Plant Project will hold a COMMITTEE CONFERENCE as described below:

MONDAY, July 17, 2000
Beginning at 10 a.m.
Assembly Room, Moss Landing Power Plant
Intersection of Highway 1 and Dolan Road
(Enter at Dolan Road Gate)
Moss Landing, California

Committee Conference

The purpose of the Conference is to provide information and to give local organizations, governmental agencies, and members of the public, an additional opportunity to discuss the measures proposed to mitigate potential environmental impacts to biological resources that may result from the modernization project at the Moss Landing Power Plant. The mitigation package has been proposed jointly by the Energy Commission staff ("Staff"), the California Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, the California Department of Fish and Game, and the project applicant, Duke Energy North America.

Some organization and agency representatives who attended the June 20, 2000, Evidentiary Hearing, held at the Moss Landing Power Plant, commented that they needed more time to review the document issued by the Staff on June 19, 2000, entitled, Biological Resources -- Errata, Testimony of Richard Anderson and Michael Foster. The document is a revised version of a biological assessment previously filed by the Staff on June 8, 2000, in its Final Staff Assessment (FSA) Part 3. The Errata includes the proposed mitigation package noted above which was discussed at a public workshop, held on June 13, 2000, at the Moss Landing Marine Laboratory. Agency biologists responsible for the mitigation package will be available at the Committee Conference to discuss the mitigation. Those interested in the mitigation package may wish to view the following documents on the Commission's website:

Although the Committee Conference is not a hearing at which sworn testimony is taken under oath, the Committee intends to have scientists and agency representatives present to provide information and to answer questions regarding the proposed mitigation for potential project impacts to marine biological resources. The Committee's Hearing Officer will facilitate the Conference and a court reporter will transcribe the event.

Public Participation

Members of the public and interested governmental agencies are encouraged to attend the Conference, to ask relevant questions, and to offer unsworn public comment upon the matters discussed. These public comments will be entered into the record of the proceeding and may be used to supplement or explain the evidence of record. Public comments by themselves, however, are not sufficient to support a finding of fact or a decision on an issue.

The Commission's Public Adviser, Roberta Mendonca, is available to provide information or to assist those interested in participating at the conference. She may be reached at (916) 654-4489 or, toll free at 800-822-6228; her email address is: pao@energy.state.ca.us

Technical questions concerning the project should be addressed to Paul Richins, at (916) 654-4074 or email: prichins@energy.state.ca.us Questions of a legal or procedural nature should be directed to Gary Fay, the Hearing Officer, at (916) 654-3965 or email: gfay@energy.state.ca.us

If you require special accommodations, please contact Robert Sifuentes, five days prior to the conference at, (916) 654-5004, or email: rsifuentes@energy.state.ca.us

Information about the Moss Landing Power Plant Project is available on the Energy Commission's Web Site at:


Date On Line: June 30, 2000


Presiding Member
Moss Landing AFC Committee

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