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To:     Office of Planning and Research	
        1400 Tenth Street, Room 121
        Sacramento, CA  95814
From:   California Energy Commission
        1516 Ninth Street, MS-2000
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Project Title:

Approval to Use Areas of National Refractories and Minerals (NRM), as Additional Laydown and Warehousing for Equipment

Moss Landing Power Plant Modernization Project (Docket #99-AFC-4C)

Project Location: The project is located 12 miles northwest of Salinas, California, in Monterey County, at the intersection of Highway 1 and Dolan Road, east of the Moss Landing community. The site is situated near the Moss Landing Harbor on property zoned for heavy industrial uses.

Description of Project: Additional space is needed for laydown and warehousing of electrical equipment, G.E. equipment and Heat Recovery Steam Generator materials. Off-site storage facilities are available at National Refractories and Minerals (NRM), Highway 1/Dolan road, Moss Landing, CA 95039. The areas will be used "as is" with the exception of Area 6, which will need scraping in order to level it. This site has been used since 1942 for magnesium production. After 1945 the focus of NRM expanded to include the production of refractory bricks. One of the present uses of this site includes renting space for heavy industrial uses. Use of these areas for laydown and warehousing purposes will not change any of the California Energy Commission's conditions of certification for the Project.

Name of Public Agency Approving Project: California Energy Commission

Name of Person or Agency Carrying Out Project: Duke Energy North America

Exempt Status: CEQA Guidelines, Section 15301, Minor Alteration to Existing Structures

Reasons Why Project is Exempt: The rental of property at National Refractories and Minerals (NRM) for additional laydown and warehousing is a minor change that will not result in any adverse environmental impacts.

Lead Agency Contact Person: Donna Stone Tel: (916) 654-4745

Energy Facilities Siting and
Environmental Protection

Date Online: March 20, 2001

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