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Notice of Data Response & Issues Resolution
Staff Workshop for the

The California Energy Commission Staff will conduct a Data Response and Issues Resolution workshop for the Orange Grove Project. The purpose is to discuss the applicant's responses to staff's data requests and to work toward resolving any outstanding issues. All interested agencies and members of the public are invited to participate. The workshop will be held:

(to be rescheduled)

Starting at 2:00 p.m.

Fallbrook Community Center
Eucalyptus Room
341 Heald Lane
Fallbrook, CA 92028

(Wheelchair Accessible)
(Map Location)


The Energy Commission Staff is currently analyzing Orange Grove Energy's application for a Small Power Plant Exemption (SPPE) for their proposed power plant project. Staff published Data Requests on September 5, 2007 for the technical areas of air quality, biological resources, cultural resources, hazardous materials management, soil and water resources, visual resources/plume and waste management.

The staff workshop will focus on Orange Grove Energy's Data Responses which were received on October 9, 2007 and work toward resolving project issues. Prior to the discussion of individual technical areas, staff will explain the Energy Commission's small power plant exemption process. The public will have an opportunity to ask questions and make comments during the workshop. Following the workshop, staff will consider the responses and comments it receives and will publish a Draft Initial Study containing a preliminary analysis of the proposed project.


On July 19, 2007, Orange Grove Energy, L.P. (OGE) filed an application for a Small Power Plant Exemption. OGE is seeking an exemption from the California Energy Commission's licensing requirements. OGE proposes to construct a 96 megawatt (MW) simple-cycle power plant in northern San Diego County. Under an agreement with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), OGE will be responsible for construction of the plant and the electric transmission line interconnection between the power plant and SDG&E's existing Pala substation. OGE will operate the plant under a tolling agreement, generating electrical power for SDG&E.

The proposed power plant project will consist of two 48 MW GE LM6000 PC SPRINT combustion turbine generators, a gas metering station, water and natural gas pipelines. Transmission interconnection to the Pala substation will occur within the limits of SDG&E's contiguous parcel and would include an underground transmission line interconnection. The project would be fueled by natural gas delivered to the site via a 2-mile extension of an existing SDG&E gas line.

The Energy Commission is responsible for reviewing, and ultimately approving or denying, all thermal electric power plants, 50 MW and greater, proposed for construction in California. The Energy Commission's SPPE process allows projects between 50 and 100 MW to proceed with local approval rather than obtaining Energy Commission certification. An exemption is available if the Energy Commission finds that the project would not create a substantial adverse impact on the environment or energy resources. If an exemption is granted, the applicant would need to secure the appropriate licenses and permits for the project from various local, state and federal agencies.

Public Participation

The Energy Commission's Public Adviser's Office provides the public with assistance in participating in Energy Commission activities. If you want information on how to participate in this proceeding, please contact the Public Adviser's Office at (916) 654-4489 or toll free at (800) 822-6228, by FAX at (916) 654-4493, or by e-mail at pao@energy.state.ca.us. If you have a disability and require assistance to participate, please contact Lou Quiroz at (916) 654-5146 at least five days in advance of the workshop.


General information, copies of the staff's data requests and the applicant's data responses and other documents on the proposed project are available on the Energy Commission's website at www.energy.ca.gov/sitingcases/orangegrove/index.html. Please direct all news media inquiries to Claudia Chandler, Assistant Executive Director, at (916) 654-4989 or e-mail at mediaoffice@energy.state.ca.us.

For technical questions on the subject matter, please contact Felicia Miller, Project Manager, at (916) 654-4640 or by e-mail to fmiller@energy.state.ca.us. If you are unable to participate in the workshop, written comments may be sent to the staff's project manager electronically or to the Energy Commission's street address shown on the letterhead of this Notice.

Date: October 12, 2007

TERRENCE O'BRIEN, Deputy Director
Energy Facilities Siting Division

Proof of Service List
Orange Grove Mail Lists: 7245, 7246, 7247, 7248

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