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Docket Number: 08-AFC-04

Orange Grove Peaking Power Plant Project
Documents Page

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Commission's Documents

Preliminary Statement in Opposition to Petition for Writ of Mandate and/or Prohibition or Other Appropriate Relief.
Posted May 19, 2009. (PDF file, 34 pages, 151 kb).

Commission FINAL Decision on the Orange Grove Energy Power Plant Project Application for Certification
Posted April 14, 2009. (PDF file, 483 pages, 5.9 mb).

Errata to the Presiding Member's Proposed Decision
Posted April 7. (PDF file, 15 pages, 108 kb).

Transcript of 03-16-2009 Evidentiary Hearing and Committee Conference on Presiding Member's Proposed Decision,
Posted March 24, 2009. (PDF file, 79 pages, 296 kb).

Staff's Response to Committee's Questions and Staff's Comments on the PMPD,
Posted March 10, 2009. (PDF file, 68 pages, 2.5 MB, note large file size).

Presiding Member's Proposed Decision
Posted February 25, 2009. Errata added 4/7/09. (PDF file, 492 pages, 4.4 mb).

Amended Condition of Certification,
Posted February 2, 2009. (PDF file, 2 pages, 84 kb).

Brief in Response to DFI's Appeal Denying its Motion to Intervene,
Posted January 20, 2009. (PDF file, 3 pages, 120 kb).

Brief in Response to Archie Mcphee's Testimony,
Dated January 9, 2008. Posted January 9, 2009. (PDF file, 6 pages, 44 kb).

Procedural Order on DFI Funding, Inc.'s Appeal of Denial of Petition for Intervention, - Date posted: January 8, 2009. (PDF file, 3 pgs, 96 kb).

Transcript of the December 19, 2008, Evidentiary hearing - Date posted: January 7, 2009. (PDF file, 224 pgs., 796 kb)

AMENDED Staff Assessment of the Orange Grove Project (08-AFC-4), publication # CEC-700-2008-015. Date posted: December 11, 2008. (PDF file, 727 pages, 11.3 megabytes - Note size!)

Transcript of the December 1, 2008, Prehearing Conference - Date posted: December 5, 2008. (PDF file, 62 pgs., 300 kb)

Staff's Prehearing Conference Statement - Date posted: November 26, 2008. (PDF file, 3 pgs., 28.2 kb)

Staff Assessment of the Orange Grove Project (08-AFC-4) - Date posted: November 6, 2008. (PDF files)

Letter to All Parties Regarding the Revised Proof of Service - Date posted: October 27, 2008. (PDF file, 1 pages, 24.4 kb)

Staff's Status Report 1. Posted September 17, 2008. (PDF file, 4 pages, 100 kb).

Transcript of the July 29, 2008, Informational Hearing Issue Identification and Scheduling Conference and Committee Scheduling Order - Date posted: August 6, 2008. (PDF file, 90 pages, 411 kb)

Data Requests # 1 - 73, Set 1 - Dated August 5, 2008. (PDF File, 31 pgs, 148 kb).

Notice of Receipt of Application for Certification (PDF File, 4 pg, 40 kb).

Issues Identification Report (PDF File, 12 pgs, 145 kb).

Data Adequacy Recommendation (PDF File, 100 pgs, 980 kb).

Applicant's Documents

Orange Grove Energy L.P. Preliminary Statement In Opposition to the May 8, 2009 Petition filed by DFI Funding, Inc.
Posted May 20, 2009. (PDF file, 56 pgs, 2.2 megabytes).

Applicant's Supplemental Testimony on Land Use, Soil and Water, and Traffic and Transportation
Posted March 11, 2009. (PDF file, 28 pg., 772 kb).

Exhibit 23 - Supplemental Reply Testimony - Richard Jones and Joseph Stenger on Soil and Water Resources,
posted December 2, 2008. (PDF file, 7 pg., 80 kb).

Orange Grove Status Report,
posted September 16, 2008. (PDF file, 6 pg., 229 kb).

Responses to Data Requests 1 - 73, Online September 10, 2008. (PDF file, 63 pg., 2.58 mb).

Exhibits 1 - 73, Online September 10, 2008. (PDF files).

Supplement to Application for Certification, Online August 21, 2008. (PDF files).

Application for Certification, filed June 19, 2008. (PDF files).
Note: Some of the files are VERY large. Please right click the file name and download to your computer as "target" (Option mouse click on a Mac).

Intervenors' and Others' Documents

County of San Diego Letter Regarding Exemption from Subdivision Map Act. Posted March 2, 2009. (PDF FIle, 2 pgs., 100 kb)

Archie McPhee's Revised Pre-hearing Conference Statement. Posted December 8, 2008. (PDF FIle, 4 pgs., 88 kb)

Documents from Anthony J Arand. Posted December 8, 2008. (PDF FIles, Excel Files)

San Diego Air Pollution Control District's Final Determination of Compliance. Posted December 4, 2008. (PDF FIle, 71 pg., 5.9 mb)

San Diego Air Pollution Control District's Preliminary Determination of Compliance. Posted October 15, 2008. (PDF FIle, 74 pg., 1.64 mb)

Figures and Maps

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