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Pastoria Energy Project
Fact Sheet

Applicant: Pastoria Energy Facility (PEF), Limited Liability Corporation (LLC); PEF, LLC is a subsidiary of Enron North America Corporation.

Project Location: The proposed project is located on an approximately 30 acre site on the Tejon Ranch 30 miles south of Bakersfield at the base of the Tehachapi Mountains.

Project Cost: $400 million (approximately). The project will contribute to the local economy by creating 325 construction jobs at the peak period and approximately 25 permanent jobs to operate and maintain the plant.

Project Licensing: Application for Certification (AFC) was filed November 30, 1999. The Energy Commission's licensing process normally takes about one year (after the AFC has been determined to be Data Adequate). The process can be delayed by the applicant's request or by the Commission seeking additional information if the project changes. Please see schedule.

Project Construction: If the project is approved, construction would probably begin in early 2001.

Commercial Operation: If construction occurs as planned, the project is expected to be on-line by mid 2003.

Product Sales: Electrical energy produced from the proposed merchant power plant will be delivered to Southern California Edison via the utility's Pastoria substation.

Plant Configuration: The applicant proposes to construct a natural gas fired combined-cycle power plant which will produce a nominal 750 megawatts (MW).

Technology: The combined-cycle configuration will consist of three 168 MW combustion turbine generators (CTGs), two heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), and one 185 MW steam turbine generator (STG).

Components: Other major components include water treatment equipment, an evaporative inlet cooling system, cooling towers, aqueous ammonia storage and handling equipment, exhaust stacks, emission controls and continuous emission monitors, control room, administrative building, step-up transformers and other switchyard equipment.

Operational Service: The project will provide intermittent and baseload service to the California electricity system.

Transmission Line: A new 230 kV electric switchyard will be constructed on the site. A 1.38 mile double circuit 230 kV overhead transmission line will be constructed to connect the plant switchyard to the existing SCE Pastoria substation.

Fuel: Natural gas will be supplied from a newly constructed 11.65 mile pipeline (16-20 inch) to tie into the fuel source, the Kern-Mojave Pipeline.

Water Supply: The project will obtain water through a contract with the Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Water Storage District (WRMWSD) which serves mainly from the California Aqueduct by contract with the State Water Project. The project will build a water supply line to tie into the WRMWSD. When surface water is not sufficient WRMWSD will draw water from its groundwater storage facilities.

Emissions: Air emissions from the combustion of natural gas in the CTGs will be controlled using state-of-the-art combustion technology and either the new XONON catalytic emissions control technology (if commercially available) or the conventional selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. To ensure that systems perform correctly, continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) will be performed.

Waste Water: A zero liquid discharge (ZLD) system will treat all wastewater streams with the exception of sanitary wastewater. ZLD systems include filtration, an evaporator/condenser, brine crystallizer, and associated equipment such as mixers and pumps. Sanitary wastewater from sinks, toilet, and other sanitary facilities will be disposed of onsite by a septic system and leach field.

Web Sites: Project Proponent: Enron North America Corporation: www.enron.com
Tejon Ranch: www.tejonrnach.com

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