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  Pastoria Energy Facility (PEF)      ) 
  160 MW Expansion                    )
  by Calpine Corporation              )


On July 13, 2005, the Application for Certification (AFC) was deemed data adequate for the twelve-month review process consistent with Public Resources Code section 25540.6. The Committee conducted a public informational hearing on September 9, 2005, to discuss the schedule and other issues of concern. The attached Committee Schedule is based on Staff's proposed schedule and related discussion at the informational hearing.

The Committee Schedule contains a list of events that must occur to complete the certification process in twelve months. The schedule covers the period leading up to the Prehearing Conference. The balance of the schedule will be determined at the Prehearing Conference.

Several deadlines are contingent upon reviews to be conducted by federal, state, and local agencies. Applicant shall provide sufficient review time for the responsible agencies to meet the deadlines specified in the schedule.

Technical issues regarding transmission system engineering and air quality are pending. The parties indicated that resolution of these issues would be addressed by the middle of November. Given the complexities involved in resolving the issues, the parties are on notice that the schedule is an optimistic estimate of case development.

We may modify the schedule at any time upon either our own motion or that of a party. [Cal. Code Regs., tit. 20, § 1709(c)]. The schedule requires periodic status reports to determine whether case development is progressing satisfactorily, and to bring potential schedule delays or other relevant matters to our attention. If Applicant does not provide necessary information by the dates set forth in the schedule, we shall adopt a performance approach that will result in a commensurate slip in the balance of the schedule.

Dated September 13, 2005, at Sacramento, California.

Chairman and Presiding Member
Pastoria Expansion AFC Committee
Commissioner and Associate Member
Pastoria Expansion AFC Committee

Mailed to Proof of Service List


DATE 2005


July 13

AFC data adequate

September 2

Notice of PDOC published

September 9

Informational Hearing and Site Visit

Mid September

Staff files PSA

Early October

Staff conducts PSA workshop

Late October

Calpine files FDOC

Late October

Draft facilities study filed with CAISO and CEC

October 25

Parties file Status Report #1

Mid November

Calpine files mitigation proposal on TSE if needed

November 22

Parties file Status Report #2

Late November

Staff files FSA

Mid December

Staff conducts FSA workshop if needed

Early January 06

Prehearing Conference (if FSA workshop not needed, PHC could occur in December)

1 Where it would be speculative to establish specific dates, deadlines are targeted within 10-day increments: early in the month (days 1-10), middle (days 11-20), and late (days 21-31).
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