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Application for Certification:      )      Docket No. 01-EP-03
GENERATING STATION,                 )      TO SHOW CAUSE
By RAMCO, Inc.                      )


On June 13, 2001, the Energy Commission approved the certification of the Chula Vista Peaker Generating Station. On July 11, 2001, the City of Chula Vista, through its City Attorney, submitted a letter to Chairman Keese asking that the Commission immediately withdraw the Adoption Order in this proceeding on the basis that RAMCO, the project proponent, communicated to the Commission that it would not build this project. On July 13, 2001, the City of Chula Vista filed an Application for Reconsideration and Petition for Rehearing.

In a Notice of Complaint dated July 26, 2001, the Chairman of the Commission noticed the hearing on the Application for Reconsideration and Petition for Rehearing, and on the Complaint, pursuant to Title 20, California Code of Regulations sections 1720 and 1231, for the Business Meeting of August 22, 2001. The basis for the Complaint is that the Final Decision in this matter contains a condition that RAMCO begin operation of this powerplant by September 30, 2001. If the plant is not operational by that date, and if the Commission decides that the applicant has not proceeded with due diligence, the certification is forfeited.

Therefore, the Commission orders that RAMCO, Inc. show cause in a written statement filed with the Commission by August 31, 2001, why RAMCO should not forfeit the certification granted to the Chula Vista Peaker Generating Station when the matter is heard. This order shall be served upon RAMCO, Inc. The President is Richard McCormack, located at 6362 Ferris Square, Suite C, San Diego, CA 92121.

Further, based upon the information presented in writing and at today's Business Meeting, the Commission orders that the hearing on the Application for Reconsideration and Petition for Rehearing and the Complaint will be at the Business Meeting on September 5, 2001. The hearing is in Hearing Room A of the Energy Commission, 1516 9th Street, Sacramento, California.

For information about how to participate in the Commission's process, please contact Roberta Mendonca, the Commission's Public Adviser, at (916) 654-4489, or toll free in California at (800) 822-6228, or by e-mail at PAO@energy.state.ca.us. If you require special accommodations, please contact Robert Sifuentes, Equal Employment Officer, at (916) 654-5004, at least five days prior to the hearing. For other questions regarding this matter, please contact Jeffery Ogata, Senior Staff Counsel, at (916) 654-3963 or by e-mail at jogata@energy.state.ca.us.


Dated: August 22, 2001




William J. Keese

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