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Project Description

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Project Description

This application is for the expansion of the Chula Vista Generating Station. The existing plant, Chula Vista I, consists of one 44 MW natural gas fired combustion turbine that will be operational in May 2001. There will be no changes to this existing facility. This application addresses only issues related to the proposed expansion unit, Chula Vista II

Project Owner/Operator (Name, Address, Phone)

Mr. Richard A. McCormack
6362 Ferris Square, Suite C
San Diego, CA 92121
858-453-0625 FAX

Overview of Power Plant and Linear Facilities

The proposed facility, Chula Vista II, has a rated output of 62.4 MW (ISO rated) and is proposed to have two operating periods. During the initial operating period, the proposed unit will be equipped with Series A dry low NOx burners (DLN) which will limit the unit output to 58.0 MW due to combustor temperature limitation and no Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). This use of Series A combustors is necessary as the Series C DLN combustors will not be available until 2002. During the final operating period, the proposed unit will be fitted with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Series C DLN combustors. The installation of the SCR and Series C DLN combustors will occur before June 1, 2002. Please refer to Appendix A, Unit Specifications.

Annual air emissions at the Chula Vista site with the proposed 62.4 MW unit will remain below the major source thresholds. The proposed expansion will have state-of-the-art air pollution control equipment -- Dry Low NOx burners with tailpipe SCR (in its final configuration), and a CO oxidation catalyst. The facility will be fueled solely by natural gas.

The Chula Vista II project requires no new linear facilities. The project will interconnect to SDG&Es electricity transmission system through the existing 69 kV generator lead form Chula Vista I to the Otay substation. Natural gas will be delivered via an existing 8 inch San Diego Gas and Electric gas transmission pipeline. SDG&E has determined that the existing 8-inch gas line can accommodate the proposed Chula Vista II project. Adequate water supplies are available from the Sweetwater Authority at the site for the proposed Chula Vista II project. The proposed Chula Vista project, will require a two-inch lateral with a 1-1/2 inch meter to serve the 33 GPM demand of the proposed unit. Both the service for the existing Chula Vista I and the service for the proposed Chula Vista II can be connected to the 4-inch water line already installed to the site.

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