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King City
Documents Page

Docket Number: 01-EP-06

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Commission's Documents

Energy Commission Adoption Order on the King City Peaker Project. Date Online: May 7, 2001, (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 4 pages, 13 kilobytes).

Final Decision. Placed Online: May 3, 2001, (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 12 pages, 36 kilobytes).

Presiding Member's Proposed Decision for King City Peaker. Placed Online: April 30, 2001, (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 11 pages, 33 kilobytes).

Final Staff Assesment for King City Peaker. Placed Online: April 25, 2001, (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 85 pages, 308 kilobytes).

Site Location Map. Placed Online: April 24, 2001, (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 1 pages, 88 kilobytes).

King City Site Plan. Placed Online: April 24, 2001, (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 87 pages, 100 kilobytes).

April 19, 2001 -- Hearing Transcript. Placed Online: April 24, 2001, (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 87 pages, 112 kilobytes).

April 11, 2001 -- Emergency Permit Completeness Checklist. (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 9 pages, 26 kilobytes).

April 11, 2001 -- Request for Agency Participation. (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 3 pages, 16 kilobytes).

Notice of Receipt of the Emergency Permitting Proposal for the Calpine King City LM6000 Project. Placed Online: April 11, 2001 (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 3 pages, 17 kilobytes).

Applicant's Documents

Supplemental Documents and Changes to AFC -- Date Online: April 13, 2001.

Application For Certification (AFC) -- (23 megabytes) Date Online: April 11, 2001.

Project Site Map -- Date Online: April 11, 2001.

Note these are Adobe Acrobat PDF files from a CD-ROM. The AFC is a 23+ megabyte file. If you are having trouble downloading it, please try right-clicking your mouse (or option-clicking with your mouse on a Mac) to download the files directly to your hard drive. Please consider the speed of your Internet connection before attempting to download.

Intervenors' and Others' Documents

Figures and Maps