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To: Office of Planning and Research
1400 Tenth Street, Room 121
Sacramento, CA 95814
From: California Energy Commission
1516 Ninth Street, MS-2000
Sacramento, CA 95814
Project Title: Minor Relocation of the Natural Gas Pipeline for the Sunrise Power Project (Docket #98-AFC-4C)
Project Location: Approximately 35 miles southwest of Bakersfield, 2.5 miles south of the community of Derby Acres, in Kern County, California.
Description of Project: Minor relocation of a portion of the natural gas pipeline to serve the Sunrise Power Project. This project change is for the relocation of the easternmost 0.6 mile of the natural gas pipeline after it crosses State Route 33 to continue in a straight line to the east to a connection point with the Kern River Gas Transmission Company/Mojave Pipeline Company's natural gas pipeline. The Sunrise Power Project was certified by the California Energy Commission on December 6, 2000; it is a nominal 320 megawatt natural gas fired, simple-cycle peaking power plant currently under construction.
Name of Public Agency Approving Project: California Energy Commission
Name of Person or Agency Carrying Out Project: Sunrise Power Company/Edison Mission Energy, Inc.
Exempt Status: CEQA Guidelines, Section 15303, New construction of small structures
Reasons Why Project is Exempt: The proposed relocation of the natural gas pipeline is minor in nature and will not result in any adverse environmental impacts.
Lead Agency Contact Person: Nancy Tronaas
Tel: (916) 654-3864

Date On Line: March 8, 2001

Deputy Director
Energy Facilities Siting and
Environmental Protection Division

[California Energy Commission Letterhead]

March 8, 2001

Mr. Stephen Whaley
Project Manager
P.O. Box 81617
Bakersfield CA 93380-1617

SUBJECT: Approval of Minor Relocation of Natural Gas Pipeline for the Sunrise Power Project (98-AFC-4C)

Dear Mr. Whaley:

California Energy Commission (Energy Commission) staff reviewed your petition dated January 12, 2001, requesting relocation of the easternmost 0.6 mile of the natural gas pipeline that will serve the Sunrise Power Project. As directed by Governor's Executive Order D-25-01, concerning post-certification amendments, we have expedited review of this proposed project modification because statutes and implementing regulations that normally apply to review and approval of this amendment have been suspended. Energy Commission staff have concluded that this modification has no potential for adverse environmental or public health and safety impacts. Therefore, you are authorized to proceed with the project modifications as requested. A copy of this letter will be posted on the Energy's Commission website at www.energy.ca.gov, and we will file a California Environmental Quality Act Notice of Exemption with the State Clearinghouse.

Additionally, please be advised that the petition (Pg. 6) proposes an incorrect habitat compensation ratio for habitat loss/disturbance created by this project change. For temporary impacts to non-protected habitat, the correct ratio is 1.1:1 (rather than 1.3:1), resulting in a total of 1.1 acres of additional habitat compensation for this project change. The additional compensation payment shall be provided as required by Condition of Certification BIO-10 of the Energy Commission's Decision, dated December 6, 2000, for the Sunrise Power Project.

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Tronaas, Compliance Project Manager, at (916) 654-3864, or by e-mail at ntronaas@energy.state.ca.us.


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cc: Nancy Tronaas, Energy Commission
Jim Brownell, Energy Commission

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