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Notice of Exemption by the California Energy Commission


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Project Title: Modification of Interconnection at the Midway-Buttonwillow PG&E Substation
Sunrise Power Project (98-AFC-4C)

Project Location: The PG&E Midway-Buttonwillow substation is located on the north side of State Route 58, approximately three miles west of Interstate 5, near the community of Buttonwillow in Kern County.

Description of Project Modification: Relocate one of the two existing La Paloma/Sunrise 230kV circuits, add a new bay, switches, and relay, add four new transmission towers, reroute a segment of an existing roadway, and construct a perimeter fence under the new transmission line. All modifications will occur within the existing boundaries of the substation, and are necessary to minimize the potential for a transmission system overload during outages or maintenance activities at the substation due to the additional load from the Sunrise Power Company’s combined-cycle expansion project.

Name of Public Agency Approving Project: California Energy Commission

Name of Person or Agency Carrying Out Project: Sunrise Power Company

Exempt Status: California Environmental Quality Act, Guidelines, Section 15301(b), Minor Alteration to Existing Utility Structures

Reasons why Project is Exempt: The modifications are contained within the existing substation facility and will result in a negligible expansion of the existing use.


Lead Agency Contact Person: Nancy Tronaas


Tel: (916) 654-3864

Date: : (Signed Feb. 24, 2003)

TERRENCE O'BRIEN, Deputy Director
Systems Assessment & Facilities Siting



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