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Energy Resources Conservation
and Development Commission

In the Matter of:                       )     Docket No. 98-AFC-4 
Application for Certification of the    )	
Sunrise Cogeneration and Power Project  )     COMMITTEE RESPONSE TO STAFF  	
________________________________________)     COMMENTS FILED DECEMBER 14, 1999 

The Committee has received the comments of the Commission staff concerning the schedule for this proceeding. The comments were filed on December 14, 1999. After considering the staff comments, the Committee finds them unacceptable and inconsistent with the directive of the Committee Order dated December 1, 1999. The Committee requires all parties to file as stated on page 3 of the December 1, 1999, NOTICE OF EVIDENTIARY HEARINGS and HEARING ORDER.

In addition, on January 3, 2000, staff will file supplementary testimony regarding the difference between impact analysis for public health versus the analysis required for worker safety. (12/3/99 RT 188.) Hearings will take place as stated in Attachment A of the December 1, Hearing Order, with the supplemental testimony following Soil and Water Resources. The January 10th hearing will begin with a Status Conference to inform the Committee of the latest developments in the case.

On another matter, the Committee has reviewed Applicant's proposal for a revised schedule, filed December 9, 1999. Due to uncertainties in several critical subject areas, the Committee cannot agree with Applicant's proposal and will address appropriate modifications to the case schedule during the Status Conference at the commencement of the January 10, 2000, evidentiary hearing.

Date On Line: December 17, 1999


MICHAL A. MOORE, Commissioner
Presiding Committee Member
Sunrise AFC Facility Siting Committee

DAVID A. ROHY, Ph.D., Vice Chair
Associate Member
Sunrise AFC Committee

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