Energy Resources Conservation
and Development Commission

In the Matter of:

Application for Certification
for the Sutter Power Plant Project

    Docket 97-AFC-2


This Order is based on discussions occurring at the March 3, 1998, Informational Hearing. It sets forth the schedule for submissions due prior to the commencement of Evidentiary Hearings, and reflects events scheduled between the Informational Hearing and the date of this Order. It also directs the parties to respond to certain specific matters raised in the Staff's Issue Identification Report and generally discussed at the Informational Hearing.

The Committee may modify the schedule at any time either upon its own motion or that of a party. [20 Cal. Code of Regs., Section 1709.7(c).] The dates provided below for parties to request Committee conferences are for general guidance only. Parties may request conferences, or the Committee may schedule them at its own prerogative, as deemed necessary. The Committee intends that the parties use the periodic "status reports" referred to below to inform the Committee of whether case development is progressing satisfactorily, as well as to bring any potential delays or other relevant matters to its attention.


Data responses due from Calpine March 4, 1998
Committee issues Scheduling Order March 18,1998
Western submits draft transmission system stability analysis March 20, 1998
Issues workshop on air quality, hazardous materials, visual,
transmission routes and transmission line safety
March 25, 1998
Issues workshop on water, biological resources, and drainage March 31, 1998
Parties submit status reports to Committee,
including responses to matters in Section II of
Scheduling Order; request conference if necessary
April 15, 1998
Issues workshop on various topics as needed Late April, 1998
Parties submit status reports to Committee request conference if necessary May 14, 1998
Applicant submits letters of intent committing offsets for the project to the Air District May 29, 1998
Parties submit status reports to Committee; request conference if necessary June 24, 1998
Western completes final transmission stability analysis and interconnection study June 30, 1998
Staff files Preliminary Staff Assessment (PSA) July 1, 1998
Staff holds PSA workshops During July, 1998
Parties submit status reports to Committee; request conference if necessary August 7, 1998
Air District Issues Preliminary Determination of Compliance (DOC) July 16, 1998
Parties submit status report to Committee; request conference if necessary August 7, 1998
Committee holds Prehearing Conference August 19, 1998
Staff files Final Staff Assessment (FSA)/Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) August 27, 1998
Local Air District files Final DOC September 16, 1998


The Committee directs the parties to address the following matters. Each party's response shall be sent to all on the Proof of Service List, and is due no later than 5:00 p.m., Friday, April 15, 1998.

A. Decommissioning/Closure. Each party shall discuss the scope of decommissioning/closure requirements appropriate for a merchant facility such as the Sutter Power Project. If the party believes such requirements are not appropriate, it shall specify the reasons and legal authority supporting such position. If, on the other hand, a party believes such requirements should apply, it shall generally specify the nature and extent of such requirements and shall recommend methods for developing and incorporating such requirements in this case.

B. Transmission. The parties shall identify all entities which must consider and approve any electrical transmission agreement, transmission system interconnection, and transmission system modification which may be required for the approval of this project. Given the fact that the Sutter Power Project will interconnect with the Western Area Power Authority's transmission system and that Western is a transmission owner not participating with the Independent System Operator (ISO), what role should the Independent System Operator (ISO) play in CEC certification of the Sutter Power Project? Sutter Power Project interconnection is being coordinated with Sacramento Area Transmission Planning Group (SATPG).

Dated: March 17, 1998


Commissioner Presiding Committee Member

Chairman Associate Committee Member