[California Energy Commission Letterhead]  


Energy Resources Conservation
and Development Commission

In the Matter of:

Application for Certification
for the Sutter Power Plant Project
    Docket No. 97-AFC-2


This Notice is to inform you that the Committee designated to conduct proceedings on the Application for Certification for the Sutter Power Plant Project will hold a public Conference as follows:

MONDAY, JULY 13, 1998
beginning at 10:00 a.m.
Veterans Memorial
Community Building
1425 Circle Drive
Yuba City, CA 95593

[Wheelchair Accessible]

This Conference will provide each party an opportunity to: 1) inform the Committee on the status of the Sutter Power Plant case proceeding, including any potential delays; 2) address other parties' comments; and 3) discuss any other matters relevant to this proceeding.

More specifically, the Commission staff's Status Report to the Committee, dated June 24, 1998, advised that, "[t]he Preliminary Staff Assessment (PSA) will be incomplete in a number of important areas including air quality, biological resources, water resources and transmission system engineering." The report also noted the possibility of unresolved issues causing a delay in the filing date of the Final Staff Assessment (FSA), scheduled for the end of August, and a delay in the evidentiary hearings. At the Status Conference, Staff should be prepared to discuss with the Committee the specific issues and outcomes which could cause a delay in this proceeding, and whether these are likely to cause the 12 month deadline to be exceeded.

In addition, the Committee directs Staff to summarize the respective roles of the Commission and Sutter County in the environmental review process associated with the proposed general plan amendment needed to accommodate the Sutter Project. Specifically, the Committee would like answers to the following questions: