California Energy Commission
Energy Facilities Siting & Environmental Protection Division

Proposed Schedule For
Sutter Power Project

Docket 97-AFC-2

15-Dec-97Receive AFC
18-Dec-97File Notice of Receipt
18-Dec-97Send AFC to Local, State and Federal Agencies and Libraries
14-Jan-98Executive Director Files Data Adequacy Recommendation
21-Jan-98Energy Commission Business Meeting on Data Adequacy
21-Jan-98Request Commission to Appoint Committee
28-Jan-98Agencies Submit Data Requests
2-Feb-98Mail Data Requests to Calpine
10-Feb-98Data Request Workshop
11-Feb-98Staff Files Issue Identification Report
3-Mar-98Information Hearing Scoping and Issue Identification with Site Visit
4-Mar-98Data Request Responses Due From Applicant
10-Mar-98Committee Issues Scheduling Order
29-May-98Feather River Air District Files Preliminary Determination of Compliance
1-Jul-98Staff Files PSA
19-Aug-98Prehearing conference in Yuba City.
19-Oct-98Energy Commission and Western Area Power Administration staff jointly file the Final Staff Assessment/Draft Environmental
Impact Statement
20-Jan-99Presiding Members Proposed Decision
11-Feb-99Committee Conference on the Proposed Decision
17-Mar-99Commission Business meeting to consider Revised Presiding Member Proposed Decision
23-Mar-99Sutter County Board of Supervisors meeting to consider General Plan Amendment and rezone of the Sutter site.

Updated: February 5, 1999

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