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Notice Of Receipt
Supplemental Information for the
Application for Certification for the
GWF Tracy Combined Cycle Power Plant (08-AFC-7)

On July 18, 2008, the California Energy Commission received an Application for Certification (AFC) from GWF Energy, LLC for the GWF Tracy Combined Cycle Power Plant (GWF Tracy). GWF Energy, LLC proposes to modify the existing Tracy Peaker Plant (TPP) (01-AFC-16), a nominal 169-megawatt (MW) simple-cycle power plant by converting the facility into a combined-cycle power plant with a new nominal generating capacity of 314 MW. On September 5, 2008, GWF Energy, LLC provided a supplement to the AFC to satisfy the Energy Commission's informational requirements. On September 10, 2008, the Energy Commission accepted the AFC with the supplemental information as complete. The staff of the Energy Commission has now begun the data discovery and analysis phases of the project's 12-month licensing process.

Project Description

GWF Energy, LLC's objectives are to convert the TPP to a combined cycle plant in order to address the future electricity needs of California, construct and operate an electrical generating facility on an existing brown-field site, and provide additional electrical capacity in the San Joaquin County and City of Tracy area. The proposed project would utilize existing TPP infrastructure to reduce environmental impacts and costs, and enhance the reliability of the state's electrical system by providing power generation near the centers of electrical demand.

The proposed project site consists of 16.38 acres within a 40-acre parcel in San Joaquin County, and is located within an industrial and agricultural area which includes the existing TPP. The San Joaquin County General Plan designates the proposed project site as General Agriculture and the County Zoning Designation is G 40, which allows electrical generation.

The project would include the addition of two heat recovery steam generators, a steam turbine generator, an auxiliary boiler, an air-cooled dry condenser unit, and a 115-kilovolt (kV) electrical switchyard. The proposed project would use existing TPP infrastructure, including the existing natural gas pipeline, water supply pipeline, and electric transmission line. Three short segments of the PG&E's 115 kV transmission system (totaling approximately 3 miles) would require reconductoring (upgraded wires to accommodate the added generating capacity). The reconductoring segments would be a 0.7 mile long transmission line adjacent to the proposed project site, and two segments, approximately 1.6 miles and 0.7 mile long, respectively, near the intersection of Interstate 5 and Interstate 205, near the PG&E Kasson Substation. Process water would be supplied via the existing TPP pipeline from the Delta-Mendota Canal by the Byron Bethany Irrigation District.

If approved, project construction would begin in the fall of 2011, with commercial operation commencing in 2013.

Energy Commission's Facility Certification Process

The Energy Commission is responsible for reviewing and ultimately approving or denying applications for all thermal electric power plants, 50 MW and greater, proposed for construction in California. The Energy Commission's facility certification process carefully examines public health and safety, environmental impacts and engineering aspects of proposed power plants and all related facilities such as electric transmission lines and natural gas and water pipelines. The Energy Commission is the lead agency under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), but through its certified regulatory program produces several environmental and decision documents rather than an Environmental Impact Report. As part of our review process, the staff of the Energy Commission works closely with local, state and federal agencies to ensure that all laws, ordinances, regulations and standards are addressed in the final decision of the Energy Commission.

Public Participation

Over the coming months, the Energy Commission will conduct a number of public workshops and hearings to determine whether the proposed project should be approved for construction and operation and under what set of conditions. The workshops will provide the public as well as local, state and federal agencies the opportunity to participate in reviewing the proposed project. The Energy Commission will issue notices for these workshops and hearings at least ten days prior to the meeting.

Please direct your technical or project schedule questions to Christopher Meyer, Energy Commission Project Manager, at (916) 653-1639, or by email at If you desire information on participating in the Energy Commission's review of the proposed project, please contact Elena Miller, the Energy Commission's Public Adviser, at (916) 654-4489, or toll free in California at (800) 822-6228, or by email at News media inquiries should be directed to (916) 654-4989, or by email at The status of the proposed project, copies of notices, an electronic version of the AFC, and other relevant documents are also available on the Energy Commission's Internet web site at: You can also subscribe to receive email notification of all notices at

This notice of receipt has been mailed to all parties that requested placement on the mailing list during the pre-filing period and to property owners located within 1000 feet of the proposed project site or 500 feet of any linear facilities. By being on the mailing list, you will receive notices of all project-related activities and notices when documents related to the proposed project's evaluation are available for review. If you want your name removed from the mailing list, please contact April Albright, Project Secretary, at (916) 653-1640, or by email at

Availability of the AFC and AFC Supplement

Copies of the AFC and the AFC Supplement are available for public inspection at the following libraries in San Joaquin County:

San Joaquin County Library
Tracy Branch
20 East Eaton Avenue
Tracy, CA 95376-3100
San Joaquin County Library
Fair Oaks Branch
2370 East Main Street
Stockton, CA 95205-6558
San Joaquin County Library
Margaret K. Troke Branch
4950 Pacific Ave., Suite 445
Stockton, CA 95207
San Joaquin County Library
Weston Ranch Branch
1453 West French Camp Rd.
Stockton, CA 95206
San Joaquin County Library
Maya Angelou Southeast Branch
2324 Pock Lane
Stockton, CA 95205-7821
Cesar Chavez Central Library
605 North El Dorado Street
Stockton, CA 95202-1907

Copies are also available at the Energy Commission's Library in Sacramento, the California State Library in Sacramento, and at public libraries in Eureka, San Francisco, Fresno, Los Angeles, and San Diego. In addition, copies will be distributed to those public agencies that would normally have jurisdiction except for the Energy Commission's exclusive authority to certify sites and related facilities.


Dated: October 17, 2008

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Energy Facilities Siting and Docket Office