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The California Energy Commission has approved the Application for Certification for the Tracy Peaker Power Plant Project, and construction has begun. The Energy Commission's Compliance Unit will now monitor the project's conditions of certification for the life of the project.

The purpose of this notice is to establish a post-certification mailing list for the project. It is being sent to all parties who were on the mailing list during the approval (pre-certification) process to determine if they wish to remain on the project's mailing list during the construction and operation of the project. If you remain on the mailing list, you will receive documents such as public notices of workshops, hearings, and petitions for post-certification changes to the project.

Enclosed is a response form to return if you wish to remain on the Tracy Peaker Power Plant Project mailing list. Please send the form to the following address:

Connie Bruins
Compliance Project Manager
California Energy Commission
1516 9th Street, MS 2000
Sacramento, CA 95814

You may also fax your request to (916) 654-3882, or you may transmit the information requested in the form by e-mail to: cbruins@energy.state.ca.us. Be sure to provide your current mailing address in your request. If you have any questions, you may telephone me at (916) 654-4545, or call the compliance program toll-free number at (800) 858-0784.


Date: February 19, 2003

CONNIE BRUINS, Compliance Project Manager
Sytems Assessment & Facilities Siting Division


Mailing List #7120, 7121, 7122, POS

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