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Project Description
Turlock Irrigation District
Walnut Energy Center
Docket 02-AFC-4

Project Title:

Walnut Energy Center (WEC)


Turlock Irrigation District (TID)
Project Contact: Tony Walker
Phone: 209-883-8448
E-mail: atwalker@TID.org


The proposed WEC would be located on an 18-acre site within an 69-acre parcel located about 2,000 feet southeast of the intersection of West Main Street and Washington Road within the City of Turlock in Stanislaus County, California.


Construction of the project is estimated to cost approximately $160 to $220 million dollars.


Application for Certification (AFC) was filed November 19, 2002, and deemed data adequate by the Energy Commission on December 18, 2002. The Energy Commission AFC review process is estimated to be completed by December 2003.


TID anticipates commencing construction of the Walnut Energy Center in the first quarter of 2004 and estimates a 24-month construction period.

Commercial Operation:

The applicant plans to begin full operations by the second quarter of 2006.


The proposed WEC would be operated to provide additional generation to meet TID’s growing load and meet the demands of customers within 200+ square miles of new service territory that TID is proposing to acquire from PG&E. The plant would also replace the expiration of significant long-term power purchase agreements currently held by TID.


Natural gas-fired, combined cycle, wet-cooled power plant.


The proposed WEP would consist of two combustion gas turbines that will burn natural gas and a steam turbine driven with steam generated by Heat Recovery Steam Generators. Each combustion gas turbine and the steam turbine will be connected to one of three separate electric generators. Output of the generators will be connected to step-up transformers and then to two new switchyards.

Transmission Line:

Electricity generation from the WEC would be delivered through two new transmission lines directly to two existing nearby transmission lines: the Walnut-Hilmar 115-kV line through approximately 1,950 of new line, and the Walnut-Industrial 69-kV Line 2 line through approximately 670 feet of new line.


The equipment is designed to operate by combusting natural gas.


The project includes 1.6 miles of new 12-24 inch diameter pipeline that would eventually supply tertiary treated recycled waste water from City of Turlock’s Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), located east of the project site, to provide up to 1,800 acre-feet per year of cooling water for the plant. The City is in the process of developing a Title 22 Tertiary Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is scheduled to be online by May 2006. The project proposes to use potable water from the City of Turlock as a "bridge supply" for cooling water through a new 0.9 mile pipeline during the interim months until recycled water from the WWTP is available. After the recycled water supply is available, potable supply will be used only for potable, plant service and fire protection needs.

Air Quality

The primary method for air pollution control would be based on use of a selective catalytic reactor (SCR), oxidation catalyst, and inlet air filtration to reduce emissions of NOx, CO, VOC, and PM10.


The project will use a wastewater recovery system to recover all process wastewater for reuse, resulting in zero liquid discharge.


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