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Description - Donald Von Raesfeld
Power Plant Project
(Formerly Pico Power Project)

Project Title:

Donald Von Raesfeld Power Plant Project


City of Santa Clara, Silicon Valley Power (SVP)
Project Contact: Mr. Leslie J. Ward
General Manager, Donald Von Raesfeld Power Plant Project
1601 Civic Center Drive, Suite 202
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Phone: (408) 261-5363
Fax: (408) 554-4201 (fax)
E-mail: lward@siliconvalleypower.com
Website: www.siliconvalleypower.com


The proposed project would be located west of the intersection of Lafayette Street and Duane Avenue and immediately north of SVP's Kifer Receiving Station in the City of Santa Clara, Santa Clara County, California. The Von Raesfeld plant will occupy approximately 2.86 acres.


If licensed by the Commission, construction of the project is estimated to cost approximately $155 million to $165 million.


Application for Certification (AFC) was filed October 7, 2002. The Energy Commission AFC review process is estimated to be completed by mid-May 2003.


Construction is planned to begin in June of 2003 and be completed by the September of 2004.

Commercial Operation:

Plant testing would commence in September 2004, and full-scale commercial operation would commence in December 2004.

Product Sales:

The proposed Von Raesfeld Power Plant would be dedicated to supplying power to SVP’s native load customers. The plant would provide approximately 25 percent of SVP’s generation resources and will help SVP meet expected load growth by replacing the power obtained through a long-term sales agreement that will expire in 2005, just after the Von Raesfeld plant would come on line.


Natural gas-fired, combined cycle, wet-cooled power plant.


The generating facility would consist of two General Electric LM-6000PC Sprint combustion turbine-generators (CTGs), a single condensing steam turbine generator (STG), a deaerating surface condenser, a mechanical draft plume-abated cooling tower; and associated support equipment. The CTGs are equipped with standard combustors, air inlet chilling, and heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) with duct burners. Total generating capacity would be 122 MW, with the ability to peak fire to 147 MW.

Transmission Line:

A 115-kilovolt (kV) on-site switchyard would deliver the plant’s power directly to the adjacent Kifer Receiving Station and the nearby Scott Receiving Station (located approximately 0.25 miles west of the site). Interconnecting the project would require re-location of a single tower on an adjacent 115 kV transmission line owned by PG&E, and the relocation of a 60 kV distribution line owned by SVP that currently runs adjacent to the project site.


The equipment is designed to operate by combusting natural gas, delivered to the Von Raesfeld Power Plant site via 2.0 miles of new 12-inch diameter underground natural gas pipeline that would interconnect with PG&E’s gas distribution Line 132. This pipeline begins at the corner of Gianera Street and Wilcox Avenue and extends to a new gas compressor station adjacent to the power plant site.

Water Supply:

The cooling water supply for the project would be tertiary treated recycled waste water from the San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP), located in the City of Alviso, via an existing pipeline located within the boundaries of the Von Raesfeld plant site. The City of Santa Clara would provide domestic water for drinking, showers, sinks and general sanitary purposes from its municipal system.

Air Quality & Emission Controls:

The emission reduction system includes a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) unit and water injection to control nitrogen oxides (NOx) and an oxidation catalyst to control carbon monoxide (CO).


Approximately 900 feet of 18-inch diameter underground pipeline would convey the project's wastewater discharge from the Von Raesfeld plant site south along Lafayette Avenue to a 27-inch wastewater main in Central Expressway, which conveys wastewater to the WPCP.


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