Rulemaking to Improve the Commission’s Process for Reviewing Amendments to Power Plant Licenses Under Title 20 Section 1769 and Revisions to Recently Updated Title 20 Process and Procedure Regulations

Docket # 17-OIR-02

Karen Douglas, Lead Commissioner

On September 9, 2015, the Commission adopted amendments to sections of Title 20 related to process, procedure and power plant siting. (Docket 15-OIR-01) Continuing this effort, Commission staff is now proposing additional revisions to Title 20 covering three areas: The first part encompasses refinements to the regulatory language changes which were developed under the comprehensive 2015 process and procedure updates under docket 15-OIR-01. The second part of the rulemaking repeals or amends sections 2301 to 2309 which are obsolete and addressed through the Commission’s certified regulatory program or the states California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines. The third part of this rulemaking amends sections 1708 , 1769 and adds 1769.1. These regulatory changes set forth the scope of the new amendment processing fee the Commission can charge power plant owners and update the process for amending power plant facility licenses.

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