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2005 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Rulemaking
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SB 5X Outdoor Lighting Standards Development and Background
Docket Number: 02-OLS-1

This phase of standards development involving public comment on draft standards documents is completed, and the rulemaking proceeding has begun. The rulemaking proceeding can be accessed on the 2005 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Rulemaking page.

Committee Overseeing This Proceeding:

Robert Pernell, Commissioner
Presiding Member

  Arthur Rosenfeld, Commissioner
Associate Member

In April of 2001, in response to the California energy crisis, the California Legislature and Governor Davis passed and signed Senate Bill 5X (Senate First Extra Session - Bill No. 5, Statutes of 2001) which were authored by Senator Byron Sher. This bill established authority in PRC Section 25402.5 (3) (c) for the California Energy Commission to adopt lighting standards for outdoor lighting.

The California Energy Commission is conducting a project to develop lighting standards for all outdoor lighting applications. This website contains information developed during the pre-rulemaking phase of the Outdoor Lighting Standards project. It contains information about the scoping of the project, measures proposed for consideration, cost effectiveness and technical evaluation of potential Standards changes, workshop and other public comment about potential Standards changes, and initial drafts of the potential Standards. This phase of the project is complete. For more information about this phase of the project, see the Background Information page. For information about the proposed updated Standards and the formal rulemaking proceeding, which will culminate in Commission adoption of the proposed updated Standards, see the2005 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Rulemaking page.


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For Questions About This Proceeding Contact:
Gary Flamm
Project Manager
Energy Efficiency and Demand Analysis Division
California Energy Commission
1516 Ninth Street, MS-26
Sacramento, CA 95814

E-mail: GFlamm@energy.state.ca.us


Maziar Shirakh
Energy Efficiency and Demand Analysis Division
California Energy Commission
1516 Ninth Street, MS-37
Sacramento, CA 95814

E-mail: Mshirakh@energy.state.ca.us

News Media Please Contact:

Claudia Chandler
Assistant Executive Director
Media & Public Communications Office
Phone: 916-654-4989
E-mail: baldrich@energy.state.ca.us

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July 29, 2003