Residential Compliance Manual -
2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards

Final Residential Compliance Manual

Draft Residential Compliance Manual

The document posted directly below is the final proposed version of the Residential Compliance Manual, which will be considered for "certification" by the Energy Commission on December 17, 2008. For questions or comments, please contact Chris Gekas, 2008 Building Standards Contract Manager, at, or Mazi Shirakh, PE, 2008 Building Standards Project Manager at

  • Residential Compliance Manual - Draft Final Commission Manual
    Publication # CEC-400-2008-016-CMD. Posted: January 12, 2009.
    (PDF file, 519 pgs, 5.3 megabytes - Please note size!)

The documents posted below are the first and second draft of the Residential Compliance Manual.

  • Residential Compliance Manual - Commission Second Draft
    Publication # CEC-400-2008-016-D2. Posted: September 24, 2008.
    (PDF file, 549 pgs, 8.8 megabytes - Please note size!)
  • Residential Compliance Manual - Commission First Draft
    Publication # CEC-400-2008-016-D. Posted: July 16, 2008.
    (PDF file, 450 pgs, 6 megabytes)