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No Action To Be Taken on "45-Day Language"

Please be advised that the Efficiency Committee of the California Energy Commission has directed Commission staff to develop revisions to the proposed 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards to address comments that were received at the December 17, 2007 hearing and in writing.

As a result the Commission will take no action on the "45-Day language" on January 30, 2008.

The Commission will publish additional proposed changes to the Standards, as "15-Day language" at a date after January 30, 2008. A Notice will be made at that time that specifies the date when the Commission will consider adoption of the "15-Day language."

Please note that the Efficiency Committee has decided to not propose programmable communicating thermostats for the 2008 Building Standards.

A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) regarding programmable communicating thermostats can be found at www.energy.ca.gov/title24/2008standards/faq.html

Date Posted: 1/22/08

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