Local Ordinances
Exceeding the 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards

The California Energy Commission commends the following agencies that have adopted energy ordinances requiring more stringent energy requirements than those set by California's 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Title 24, Part 6.

Please note that under the authority of Section 10-106, only those ordinances that have been approved by the Energy Commission are legally enforceable. See more about the process for adopting local standards more stringent than statewide Standards.

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Local Ordinances Date Approved Documents (PDF files)
Lancaster, City of December 11, 2013 Submittal to the California Energy Commission (105 pages, 4.1 mb)

Process for Adopting Local Standards

Public Resources Code Section 25402.1(h)2 and Section 10-106 of the Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Standards) establish a process which allows local adoption of energy standards that are more stringent than the statewide Standards. This process allows local governmental agencies to adopt and enforce energy standards for newly constructed buildings, additions, alterations, and repairs to existing buildings provided the Energy Commission finds that the standards will require buildings to be designed to consume no more energy than permitted by Title 24, Part 6.

Local jurisdictions wishing to enforce locally adopted energy standards must submit an application with the following materials to the Executive Director: (1) the proposed energy standards, (2) the local jurisdiction’s findings and supporting analyses on the energy savings and cost effectiveness of the proposed energy standards, (3) a statement or finding by the local jurisdiction that the local energy standards will require buildings to be designed to consume no more energy than permitted by Part 6, and (4) any findings, determinations, declarations or reports, including any negative declaration or environmental impact report, required pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act.

Local jurisdictions are required to apply to the Energy Commission for approval, documenting the supporting analysis for how the local government has determined that their proposed Standards will save more energy than the current statewide Standards and the basis of the local government’s determination that the local standards are cost-effective. Once the Energy Commission staff has verified that the local standards will require buildings to use no more energy than the current statewide Standards and that the documentation requirements in Section 10-106 are met, the application is brought before the full Energy Commission for approval.

For questions regarding Local Ordinances or about applications for a local ordinance to exceed the 2013 Standards, contact:
Joe Loyer
California Energy Commission
1516 9th Street, MS-37
Sacramento, CA 95814

For questions about the 2013 Standards and program proceeding, contact the Energy Standards Hotline.