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Title 24, Section 6
Energy Efficiency Standards for
Residential and Nonresidential Buildings

The state building standards mandate energy efficiency measures in new construction. Since being first established in 1977, the building energy standards (along with standards for energy efficiency in appliances) have helped Californians save more than $11.3 billion in electricity and natural gas costs. The standards are updated every three years to allow new energy efficiency technologies to be considered.

Printed copies of Title 24, Part 6 are available from the Energy Commission's publications unit by calling: 916-654-5200. Questions about the energy standards should be addressed to the Commission's Energy Efficiency Hot Line by calling, 916-654-4058 or toll free in California 800-772-3300.

Copies of the Title 24 compliance forms for both residential and nonresidential construction and the residential and nonresidential manual are also available on line.

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PAGE UPDATED: July 24, 2001