Title 24 Training

  • Education and training are important in order to understand and comply with the current Building Energy Efficiency Standards, and to use compliance software.

  • This page focuses on training; also see the Educational Resources page for other opportunities. The Energy Commission coordinates with utility partners and stakeholder organizations to offer frequent opportunities to enhance your skills and awareness of the Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

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Energy Standards Training

Overview Webinars  (WebEx Playback Help)

Energy Commission Presentations

Utility-Sponsored Tools And Training

energycodeace logo EnergyCodeACE offers free Title 24 Part 6 tools, training and resources to assist the building industry, related stakeholders, and the public comply with the 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. For energy code compliance training courses in your utility service area see the EnergyCodeACE Training page or visit your utility training web pages listed in the right column.

Compliance Software Training

California Building Energy Code Compliance, Nonresidential (CBECC-Com) Software Tutorials

A series of short tutorial videos is available for the CBECC-Com software. The videos help users understand the software workflow and specific features, and provide step-by-step procedures for modeling tasks using examples. Note: The videos were created based on an earlier version of CBECC-Com (v1c), so the user interface in the videos may not match the user interface of the current version of CBECC-Com. The intent of the videos is to provide guidance on the modeling workflow using SketchUp/OpenStudio and CBECC-Com.
See the Tutorial Videos and Frequently Asked Questions.

California Building Energy Code Compliance, Residential
(CBECC-Res) Software

To see information about CBECC-Res, including up-to-date Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers), please visit the 2013 Residential Compliance Software Project.

2013 CBECC Software Training Webinars

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Utility-Sponsored Compliance Software Training

See individual utility websites for information on course availability and registration.

Acceptance Testing Webinars

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Other Organizations that offer Energy-Related Training

California Utilities

  • LADWP - Los Angeles Department of Water & Power
  • PG&E - Pacific Gas & Electric Company
  • SMUD - Sacramento Municipal Utility District
  • SDG&E - San Diego Gas & Electric Company
  • SCE - Southern California Edison
  • SoCal Gas - Southern California Gas Company

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