Boulder Electric Vehicle's manufacturing plant in Los Angeles is capable of producing up to 6,000 trucks annually and will create 120 jobs.

Using funding from the California Energy Commission, Boulder Electric Vehicle designed a 20,000+ square foot, energy-efficient manufacturing facility in Los Angeles. Boulder Electric Vehicle will mass-produce medium- and heavy-duty electric-drive trucks and shuttles. The key market for these trucks and buses will be public and private fleet operators, such as the City of Los Angeles and FedEx.

Boulder Electric Vehicle’s zero-emission vehicles can travel more than 100 miles on a single charge. Boulder Electric Vehicle’s ultra-lightweight aluminum design cuts its empty vehicle weight by 40 percent, and its trucks have a cargo capacity of 6,000 pounds. During the next five years, Boulder Electric Vehicle’s Los Angeles plant will save an estimated 1.2 million kilowatt hours by adopting energy efficiency measures.

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electric drive delivery van front logo on electric drive delivery van inside Boulder Electric Vehicle manufacturing facility

Manufacturing facility photo courtesy of Boulder Electric Vehicle, other photos courtesy of the California Energy Commission.



  • An estimated 120 factory jobs by 2017 and additional marketing or administrative positions.

  • An annual production capacity of up to 6,000 trucks or buses, which equates to an annual savings of 1.2 billion pounds of carbon dioxide (based upon figures for direct replacement vehicles for typical diesel-powered trucks). The lifetime carbon dioxide emissions of a ZEV utility vehicle is one-third less than the natural gas vehicle counterpart, and more than 70 percent of the vehicle can be recycled at its end of life.

  • Effectively leveraged public investment, garnering more than $3 million in private investment.

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