Wind Project Performance 1994 Summary

3. WPRS Implementation Issues

WPRS implementation issues encountered and resolved are further discussed in this section.

Validating performance data.

It was originally intended that utility quarterly reports be used to validate operator output data; however, numerous problems occurred. Some utilities did not provide data according to calendar quarters or provided data for only those operators who filed a power sales agreement. In many cases, more than one project was reported under a single utility contract making it difficult to verify individual project output figures.

To establish a more reliable validation procedure, Commission staff allowed operators to voluntarily submit utility receipts with quarterly reports. When output figures provided by operators agree with either submitted utility receipts or utility reported data, output figures are recorded as "validated."

Operators who fail to file.

Utility quarterly reports inform Commission staff of all wind farm operators with projects rated 100 kW or more who sell power. These operators are required to submit WPRS reports. Operators who sell power but do not submit reports are noted as "failed to file." During 1994, six operators failed to file for one or more quarters. Depending on the circumstances, Commission staff consider various options for resolving filing issues.

Operators who file reports with missing data.

Some operators filed WPRS reports with one or more data items missing. The predominant missing data item was projected quarterly output per turbine. Some wind projects reported only annual output estimates. In such cases, no value has been assigned. Commission staff continue to assist project operators with reporting so that data submitted will be complete.

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