Wind Project Performance 1994 Summary

Turbine Size

Wind Figure 10

Since the early 1980s, many industry specialists have predicted that larger turbines, including those in the 300 kW size range, would be the trend for future wind development. This trend is reflected by new turbine installations during 1994. About 99 percent of all new capacity installed in 1994 was in the the 200+ kW size category (Figure 10 -- Capacity by Turbine Size). Although the 51-100 kW turbine size still accounts for slightly more than one-half of all cumulative capacity, this percentage share may decrease over time as smaller, older turbines are permanently retired from service.

Wind Figure 11

Capacity factor performance in 1994 is highest for turbines in the 200+ kW size range (Figure 11 -- Capacity Factor by Turbine Size). Further, a comparison of cumulative capacity and percent share of kWh output reveals that larger turbines in the 200+ kW range produced more than their share at 32 percent output and 28 percent capacity (Table 1).

1994 Capacity and Output by Turbine Size
Cum. Capacity
(%of total)
New Capacity
(% of total)
kWh Output
(% of total)
1-50 2 0 2
51-100 51 0 47
101-150 14 0 14
151-200 4 1 4
200+ 28 99 32

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