Wind Project Performance 1994 Summary

The Five Largest Wind Project Operators

Wind Figure 22

The 1994 Annual Report continues to focus on the five largest wind project operators due to industry consolidation and growth primarily limited to major developers. The five largest wind project operators include Kenetech, SeaWest, Zond, FloWind and Arcadian. These five operators alone account for 1,285 MW, representing almost 80 percent of total California wind generating capacity (Figure 22 -- Cumulative Capacity for Five Largest Operators).

Wind Figure 23

Capacity factors for the largest wind project operators are quite varied (Figure 23 --Capacity Factors for Five Largest Operators). Operators with the highest capacity factors are SeaWest (27 percent) and Kenetech and Zond (25 percent). It should be noted that one smaller operator, San Gorgonio Farms (not shown in Figures 22 and 23), has consistently produced the highest capacity factors for every year WPRS data has been compiled and published, including a 38 percent capacity factor for 1994. This project is significant because it consistently demonstrates the impressive potential for wind technology performance when developers combine quality machines and maintenance programs with a good wind resource site.

Wind Figure 24

Annual kWh per square meter results for the five largest operators are shown in Figure 24 (kWh Per Square Meter Productin for Five Largest Operators). Among the five largest operators, SeaWest (873), Kenetech (835) and Zond (828) had the best performance. It should also be noted that two smaller wind project operators (not included in Figure 24) also had impressive kWh per square meter production during 1994. These operators are San Gorgonio Farms (1,307), and AB Energy (1,047).


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