Wind Project Performance 1994 Summary

6. WPRS Annual Summary Tables

Summary tables on the following pages include aggregate data for all wind projects submitting 1994 quarterly reports to the California Energy Commission as part of the WPRS program. The data, extracted from project operator quarterly reports compiled in Section 7, includes information about specific resource areas, turbine sizes, turbine types, turbine manufacturers, turbine operators, and turbine origins (domestic or foreign).

Note that some operators filed reports with missing data; therefore, totals for the various subcategories may not always equal statewide totals. An asterisk on the kWh per square meter results indicates that some portion of the cumulative turbine capacity being considered includes new turbines that did not operate for a full year. Unless the new turbine capacity represents a significant percentage of cumulative capacity, however, the negative impact on performance for most turbine groups will be minimal.


  1. 1994 WPRS Data Summary by Resource Area
  2. 1994 WPRS Data Summary by Turbine Size and Axis
  3. 1994 WPRS Data Summary by Domestic Turbines vs. Foreign Turbines
  4. 1994 WPRS Data Summary by Turbine Manufacturer
  5. 1994 WPRS Data Summary by Project Operator

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