Wind Project Performance 1994 Summary

7. WPRS Data

This section of the WPRS 1994 Annual Report contains performance data as submitted by wind project operators for four quarters. Wind data are organized by individual resource area with operators listed alphabetically within each resource area.

Note: Individual operators tables are not included in the Internet edition of this report because of difficulty in presenting extremely complex tabular material.

Project operators are numbered sequentially throughout the WPRS performance data section. For quick access to specific wind industry data, an alphabetical list of wind project operators and participants keyed to these sequential numbers follows.

Section Notes immediately precede performance report data. These notes describe how WPRS data is reported and calculated. Points of clarification and limitations of the data are also discussed.

Appendix A contains comments received from project operators during 1994. For easy reference, the project name and corresponding number in Section 7 has been noted. Where appropriate, staff comments have been added to provide additional information.

Appendix B contains a list of turbine manufacturers and distributors keyed to sequential numbers assigned to operators and participants.

Appendix C identifies sources of wind energy technical assistance available to California project proponents.

Appendix D contains WPRS Regulations which provide definitions for most wind categories used in this report.

Data contained in the WPRS 1994 Annual Report represent project performance results for only a single year. As mentioned previously, data from any one year should not be used as the sole basis for evaluating overall wind project performance.

Alphabetical List of Wind Project Operators and Participants

The following alphabetical list includes all operators and other participants involved in California wind projects reporting 1994 performance data to the WPRS program. The number in parentheses following each operator and other participant refers to the sequential number location in the printed version of the report.

	AB Energy				(27A)
	Alta Mesa				(21D)
	Altamont Energy Corp.			(1A)
	Altech Energy Ltd.     			(9A)
	Altech Energy Ltd., II			(21A)
	Altech Energy Ltd., III			(21B)
	American Power Systems			(14A)
	Arbutus					(28A)
	Arcadian /New World			(2A-D) (7A)
	Cal. Wind Energy Sys.(CWES)		(9B)
	Calwind Resources, Inc.			(29A-B)
	Cannon Energy Group			(30A-B)
	CTV Power Purchase Trust		(27A) (31C)
	Coram Energy Group			(31A-D)
	Difko (US), Inc.			(15A-C)
	EUI Management PH, Inc.			(16A)
	Energy Conversion Technology		(31A,D)
	FloWind Corp.				(3A-B) (32A-B)
	Grant Line Energy Corp.			(1A)
	Howden Wind Parks, Inc.			(4A)
	International Turb. Research		(13A)
	Kenetech Windpower			(5A) (17A) (26A) (33A)
	LFC No. 51 Corporation			(6A)
	LFC Power Systems Corp.			(6A)
	Los Vaqueros Power Corp.		(7A)
	Meridian Trust Co. of Calif.		(8A) (24A,B,D)
	Mesa Wind Developers			(25B)
	Mogul Energy Corp.			(34A)
	Natural Resource Ventures 		(29A)
	Northwind Energy Inc.			(8A)
	PanAero Corp.				(25B)
	Phoenix Energy, Ltd.			(15A) (21C) 
	Riverview Ventures 			(18A-B)
	San Gorgonio Farms			(19A)
	San Gorgonio Wind Assoc. VI		(20A)
	San Gorgonio Wind			(24C)
	Seawest Energy Group			(9A-F) (21A-E) (35A-D)
	Section 22 Partners, Inc.		(15C)
	Southern California Sunbelt		(22A) (36A)
	TaxVest Wind Farms			(9D)
	TERA Corp.				(10A)
	Toyo Power Corporation			(35B-C)
	Viking-Energy 83 Ltd.			(9E)
	Westwind Association			(23A)
	Western Windfarms			(9F)
	Whitewater Ventures Inc.		(18B)
	Windfarms Management			(37A)
	Windland, Inc.				(38A-B)
	WindMaster				(11A)
	Windridge, Inc.				(39A)
	Wintec, Ltd.				(20A) (24A-D)
	Zond Systems, Inc.			(12A) (25A-B) (40A-T)

Wind Data Section Notes

The following notes explain methods used to report and calculate performance data. Definitions for most wind data categories used in this section are contained in WPRS regulations (Appendix D).

Data missing. Some operators submitted incomplete reporting forms. Items not completed are designated by a dash (----) to distinguish missing data from values of "0". It should be noted that operators who submit reports with missing data are in violation of WPRS regulations.

Failed to File. Commission staff identified wind project operators who did not submit performance data but according to utility reports should have participated in the WPRS program. Subsequently, Commission staff notified non- reporting operators by mail of the WPRS requirements. Non-reporting operators who were notified but did not respond or provide an explanation of why they should be exempted were noted as "failed to file."

Electricity Produced. Individual turbine model outputs submitted by wind operators are included for each quarter along with an annual total. An annual total for the entire project follows. Individual turbine model outputs may not always equal total project output because individual turbine production is usually read from meters owned by project operators, while total project output is measured from utility substation meters. Line losses and calibration differences between meters should account for these differences.

The validation status of output data submitted by operators is noted in parentheses next to the quarterly output reported for each turbine model. The designation "V" indicates operator data has been validated either by a match to utility billings submitted by the operator or output reported to the Commission by the utility; "NV" indicates operator data has not been validated because it does not match utility billings submitted by the operator or output reported by the utility; and "UD" indicates output data has been derived solely from reports to the Commission by the utility in the absence of any reported data from the operator.

Other Participant(s). In some cases, participants in addition to the listed project operator may be involved in a project. These participants could include project managers, joint venture partners, wind developers using another developer's site, etc.

Projected Quarterly Production Per Turbine. The total quarterly projected production for a specific turbine model is determined by multiplying the "Projected Quarterly Production Per Turbine" times the "Cumulative Number of Turbines" for that turbine model. The total quarterly projected production for an entire project is calculated by adding the projected production totals for all turbine models in a project. A comparison of total projected production with total project "Electricity Produced" can indicate how closely a specific project came to achieving projected output. When making this comparison, note that any new capacity would not benefit from a full operational quarter during the quarter it was installed.

Rotor (square Meter). The diameter of the rotor-swept area for each wind turbine allows different wind systems to be compared independently of wind resource area. Theoretically, the power available for any wind turbine is proportional to the square of the diameter of the rotor-swept area. Thus, doubling the size of the rotor diameter should increase the power output by a factor of four.

Size (kW). For each turbine model listed, the kW size rating is followed by a miles per hour (mph) specification. Because there is no standardized rating method, these mph specifications vary widely for different turbine models.

Note: Individual operators tables are not included in the Internet edition of this report because of difficulty in presenting extremely complex tabular material.

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