Home Energy Rating System Booklet - 2011 Updated Edition

Information for Businesses and Real Estate Professionals

booklet cover page

In todays challenging housing market, homeowners look to licensed real estate agents as trusted advisors when buying or selling a home. As homeowners are increasingly focused on making wise decisions when engaging in the home sale process, clients may increasingly request your expertise when considering cost-effective and environmentally friendly home upgrades. Now you can offer your clients this added service with this informative booklet (updated for 2011), What Is Your Home Energy Rating? The booklet is designed to educate homeowners, home buyers, and home sellers about Whole-House Home Energy Rating services and their benefits, opportunity to invest in energy efficiency improvements at the time-of-sale, and available financing options.

Disclosure Requirements

California Civil Code Section 2079.10 requires the home seller or broker to inform the buyer about the existence of the California Whole-House Home Energy Rating Program. The law further specifies that if this booklet is provided to the buyer in connection with the transfer of real property, then this booklet is adequate in meeting the disclosure requirements.

image showing areas on client sign-off page, and on back cover which are left open for imprinting custom stamps Download the Sign-Off Page

You can download the booklet from this page, add your company's name and logo to the back cover, and print copies for use. You can also download a copy to take to a printer. Either way, the booklet can be a valuable sales tool for real estate professionals.

Download What Is Your Home Energy Rating? :

For more information please contact the Energy Standards Hotline.