ARRA Programs – AB 758 Pilots

Energy Upgrade California Single-Family and Multifamily Programs

  • * Local Government Commission (Energy Upgrade California Statewide Program)
    Final Report
    (470 pgs, 20 mb)

  • Association of Bay Area Governments (Retrofit Bay Area)
    Final Report
    (54 pgs, 651 kb)

  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District (Home Performance Program)
    Final Report
    (35 pgs, 598 kb)

  • City of Fresno (Fresno Regional Comprehensive Residential Retrofit Program)
    Final Report
    (9 pgs, 172 kb)

  • * Los Angeles County (Retrofit LA)
    Final Report
    (48 pgs, 856 kb)

  • County of San Diego (Energy Upgrade California in San Diego County)
    Final Report
    (64 pgs, 623 kb)

  • * CRHMFA Homebuyers Fund (Moderate Income Sustainable Technology Programs)
    Final Report
    (33 pgs, 348 kb)

  • * San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing (The Affordable Multifamily Retrofit Initiative)
    Final Report
    (17 pgs, 344 kb)

Targeted Commercial Upgrade Programs

  • Energy Solutions (Energy Technology Assistance Program)
    Final Report
    (71 pgs, 827 kb)

  • Quantum Energy Services and Technologies (Oakland Shines)
    Final Report
    (23 pgs, 1.1 megabytes)

  • Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. (EnergySmart Jobs)
    Final Report
    (58 pgs, 909 kb)

Clean Energy Workforce Training Programs

Public Buildings Financing

* Includes Financing

ARRA Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V) Reports