California Geothermal Energy Statistics & Data

photo of Geysers Geothermal Plants
Photo by Pacific Gas & Electric NREL 00060

Due to its location on the Pacific's "ring of fire" and because of tectonic plate conjunctions, California contains the largest amount of geothermal electric generation capacity in the United States.

In 2017, geothermal energy in our state produced 11,745 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electricity. Combined with another 700 GWh of imported geothermal power, geothermal energy produced 5.69 percent of the state's total system power. There are a total of 43 operating geothermal power plants in California with an installed capacity of 2,694 megawatts.

The largest concentration of geothermal plants is located north of San Francisco in the Geysers Geothermal Resource Area in Lake and Sonoma Counties (shown in photo on the right). This location has been producing electricity since the 1960s. It uses dry steam; one of only two places in the world for this resource (the other being in Larderello, Italy).

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Geothermal Electric Generation

YearCompany NameEIA
Plant ID
Plant ID
Plant NameState Capacity (MW) Gross MWh Net MWh
2017Bottle Rock Power LLC902T0080Bottle Rock PowerCA55.000
2017CE Turbo LLC55984T0073CE Turbo LLCCA11.573,46473,078
2017Coso Operating Company LLC10875T0009Coso Energy Developers (BLM)CA100.0332,131272,204
2017Coso Operating Company LLC10873T0010Coso Finance Partners (NAVY I)CA102.4534,915475,330
2017Coso Operating Company LLC10874T0011Coso Power Developers (NAVY II)CA100.0474,914407,126
2017Del Ranch L P10632T0012Del Ranch Company (formerly A W Hoch)CA35.8330,657299,590
2017Elmore LP10634T0015J J ElmoreCA35.8322,676286,533
2017Geysers Power Company LLC10199T0007West Ford Flat #4CA28.800
2017Geysers Power Company LLC52158T0023Aidlin #1CA22.4123,129115,590
2017Geysers Power Company LLC286HT0027Quick Silver #16CA120.0446,965391,256
2017Geysers Power Company LLC286IT0028Lakeview #17CA120.0526,879475,020
2017Geysers Power Company LLC286JT0029Socrates #18CA120.0451,113354,465
2017Geysers Power Company LLC286KT0030Grant #20CA120.0343,676312,276
2017Geysers Power Company LLC510T0046Sonoma #3CA78.0472,797421,669
2017Geysers Power Company LLC50066T0050Calistoga #19CA97.0510,581468,732
2017Geysers Power Company LLC286AT0055McCabe #5-#6CA110.0711,731680,050
2017Geysers Power Company LLC286BT0056Ridge Line #7-#8CA110.0698,203660,225
2017Geysers Power Company LLC286DT0058Eagle Rock #11CA110.0650,832611,038
2017Geysers Power Company LLC286ET0059Cobb Creek #12CA110.0420,181390,847
2017Geysers Power Company LLC286FT0060Big Geysers #13CA95.0407,218372,407
2017Geysers Power Company LLC286GT0061Sulphur Springs #14CA117.5453,062420,072
2017Heber Geothermal Co54689T0033Heber Geothermal CoCA62.5407,733311,364
2017Heber Geothermal Co54111T0051Second Imperial Geothermal Co SIGC PlantCA80.0449,056286,239
2017Hudson Ranch Energy Services LLC56791T0082John L Featherstone Plant -formerly Hudson Ranch Power I LLCCA55.0465,638424,267
2017Leathers LP10631T0034J M LeathersCA35.8402,188363,615
2017Mammoth Pacific LP10480T0035Mammoth Pacific ICA10.072,20956,956
2017Mammoth Pacific LP10481T0036Mammoth Pacific IICA15.0110,81262,166
2017Mammoth Pacific LP10479T0038Ples ICA15.0137,22797,325
2017North Brawley Geothermal54724T0043Ormesa Geothermal IICA24.0183,804137,053
2017North Brawley Geothermal56832T0081North BrawleyCA49.996,70654,144
2017Northern California Power Agency7368T0039Geothermal 1CA110.0468,321417,049
2017Northern California Power Agency7369T0040Geothermal 2CA110.0374,313355,351
2017Ormat50762T0066Ormesa 1HCA14.400
2017Ormat Nevada Inc54038T0021GEM IICA18.500
2017Ormat Nevada Inc10763T0022GEM IIICA26.5158,662110,795
2017Ormesa Geothermal50766T0062Ormesa ICA24.4155,877103,533
2017Salton Sea 4 Fish Lake Pwr Gen54996T0016Salton Sea Unit 4CA47.5336,365312,949
2017Salton Sea Power Generatn LP 110878T0047Salton Sea Unit 1CA10.374,97071,376
2017Salton Sea Power Generatn LP 210879T0048Salton Sea Unit 2CA19.7111,517100,873
2017Salton Sea Power Generatn LP 310759T0049Salton Sea Unit 3CA54.0370,464347,259
2017Salton Sea Power LLC55983T0017Salton Sea Unit 5CA58.3379,416334,771
2017Star Group 1E Geothermal Partn50764T0063Ormesa 1 ECA14.400
2017Vulcan/BN Geothermal Power Co50210T0053VulcanCA39.7360,776310,544

Geothermal Electric Generation (Imported)

YearCompany NameEIA
Plant ID
Plant ID
Plant NameState Capacity (MW) Gross MWh Net MWh
2017Terra-Gen Dixie Valley LLC52015T0077Terra-Gen Dixie Valley (NV)NV64.7549,416488,985

Geothermal Electric Generation
(Annual Totals; Includes Imports)

Year Capacity (MW) Gross MWh Net MWh
2000 N/A N/A 13,456,000
1999 N/A N/A 13,251,000
1998 N/A N/A 12,554,000
1997 N/A N/A 11,950,000
1996 N/A N/A 13,539,000
1995 N/A N/A 14,267,000
1994 N/A N/A 15,573,000
1993 N/A N/A 15,770,000
1992 N/A N/A 16,491,000
1991 N/A N/A 15,566,000
1990 N/A N/A 16,038,000
1989 N/A N/A 15,247,000
1988 N/A N/A 14,194,000
1987 N/A N/A 14,083,000
1986 N/A N/A 13,094,000
1985 N/A N/A 10,957,000
1984 N/A N/A 9,272,000
1983 N/A N/A 7,020,000

Geothermal Electric Generation by County

County Capacity (MW) Net MWh
Churchill, NV (Imported)64.7488,985