Electricity From Wind Energy Statistics & Data

In 2017, wind energy generated within California totaled 12,858 gigawatt-hours (GWh) or 6.23 percent of the in-state total power generation. Wind energy power plants generating in California during at least part of the year had a total capacity of 5,632 megawatts.

Note: Listings that show “CAISO In-State Wind Generation” indicate an estimate has been used in place of WPRS (Wind Performance Reporting System) data. WPRS came into effect for the 2014 calendar year. Starting in 2015, CAISO generation data may be published as a preliminary estimate until validated WPRS data becomes available. The CAISO estimates do not always carry the source county data so the default is “ALL” to refer to counties in California.

Contact: Michael Nyberg, michael.nyberg@energy.ca.gov


Wind Production (Instate)

YearCompany NameEIA
Plant ID
Plant ID
Plant NameState Capacity (MW) Gross MWh Net MWh
2017Alta Wind VIII LLC57835W0393Alta Wind VIII, LLCCA150.0251,380251,380
2017BP Wind Energy North America50553W0391Edom Hills Project 1, LLCCA20.042,85842,858
2017CalWind Resources Inc10191W0284Wind Resource I (Calwind Wind Resource I)CA8.714,07214,072
2017CalWind Resources Inc54909W0320Wind Resource II (Calwind)CA20.048,64148,641
2017Coram California Development LP57962W0408Coram California Development, LPCA102.0261,392261,392
2017Difwinds Farm Ltd V54685W0386Difwind Farms LTD VCA8.010,74810,748
2017EUI Management PH Inc10027W0268EUIPH Wind FarmCA25.237,10337,103
2017EverPower Wind Holdings Inc57833W0406Mustang Hills LLC (Alta Wind VI Energy Center)CA150.0289,376289,376
2017Foundation Windpower57594W0395Teichert VernalisCA1.51,8291,829
2017Foundation Windpower57626W0396Safeway TracyCA2.02,9122,912
2017Foundation Windpower57792W0397IEUACA1.0474474
2017Foundation Windpower57791W0398Anheuser-BuschCA1.52,9482,948
2017Foundation Windpower58112W0399Cemex MadisonCA1.01,8311,831
2017Foundation Windpower58105W0400Wal-Mart Red BluffCA1.02,1312,131
2017Foundation Windpower58113W0401Robertsons Ready-MixCA2.09,0899,089
2017Foundation Windpower58114W0402Nestle WatersCA3.213,04913,049
2017Foundation Windpower58102W0403Cemex BMQCA3.03,3833,383
2017Foundation Windpower58105W0404Cemex River PlantCA3.23,0853,085
2017Foundation Windpower58104W0405Superior FarmsCA1.01,5501,550
2017Foundation WindpowerMissingW0456Anheuser-Busch #2CA1.63,6143,614
2017FPL Energy Operating Services Inc54647W0270Terra-Gen Mojave Windfarms (TPC Wind Farms - Tehachapi Power Purchase Trust)CA28.355,58655,586
2017FPL Energy Operating Services Inc52143W0312Mojave 3 (Mojave 3-4-5 (Desertwind II PPC Trust) - 6113)CA23.556,66856,668
2017FPL Energy Operating Services Inc50536W0357Solano Wind 1,2 (SMUD Solano Phase 2)CA102.2200,409200,409
2017FPL Energy Operating Services Inc55152W0358Shiloh I Wind (Victory Garden Prtnr PHIV)CA150.0354,640354,640
2017FPL Energy Operating Services Inc50823W0364Dillon WindCA45.0125,165125,165
2017FPL Energy Operating Services Inc52143W0365Difwind Farms LTD ICA6.58,3088,308
2017FPL Energy Operating Services Inc52143W0366Difwind Farms LTD IICA4.24,3474,347
2017Hatchet Ridge Wind LLC56654W0369Hatchet Ridge Wind, LLCCA101.2292,430292,430
2017International Turbine Research10005W0354International Turbine Research IncCA18.420,95720,957
2017Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP)56433W0368Pine Tree Wind Power PlantCA135.0277,814277,814
2017Mesa Wind Power Corporation50535W0260Mesa Wind Power CorporationCA29.95,2115,211
2017Mojave 16/17/18 LLC50822W0313Mojave 16, 17, 18 (Mojave 16-17-18 (Desertwind III PPC Trust) - 6063-6114)CA83.6105,088105,088
2017NextEra Energy Resources LLC57201W0371FPL Energy Montezuma Winds LLCCA36.888,73688,736
2017NextEra Energy Resources LLC57701W0392Montezuma Wind IICA78.2178,426178,426
2017NextEra Energy Resources LLC57700W0394Vasco Wind Energy CenterCA78.2233,404233,404
2017NextEra Energy Resources LLC50013W0423Diablo Wind LLCCA18.061,05661,056
2017North Sky River Energy LLC58121W0414North Sky River, LLCCA162.0485,691485,691
2017Not Available50552W0258Cabazon Wind Partners, LLCCA40.9116,822116,822
2017Not Available50532W0271Wind Stream Operations 6039 (Zond Systems Inc - 6039)CA6.37,6117,611
2017Not Available50532W0272Wind Stream Operations 6040 (Zond Systems Inc - 6040)CA6.78,8188,818
2017Not Available50532W0273Wind Stream Operations 6041 (Zond Systems Inc - 6041)CA4.54,8424,842
2017Not Available56570W0274Wind Stream Operations 6042 (Zond Systems Inc - 6042)CA6.38,5388,538
2017Not Available52161W027585A (Zond Systems Inc - 6043)CA14.116,38116,381
2017Not Available52163W027685B (Zond Systems Inc - 6044)CA21.119,49219,492
2017Not Available50536W0289Sky River Partnership (ESI Energy Inc - 6065)CA69.8141,989141,989
2017Not AvailableMissingW0304Victory Gardens IV (6103)CA20.731,49331,493
2017Not Available52161W0306Terra-Gen 251 Wind (Zond Monolith X)CA16.924,45824,458
2017Not AvailableMissingW0310Wind Stream Operations 6111 (AES Tehachapi Wind - Zond Systems Inc - Northwind)CA6.37,3357,335
2017Not Available50533W0311Painted Hills Wind Developers (Zond Systems Inc - 6112)CA19.231,82331,823
2017Not AvailableMissingW0465Scheid VineyardsCA1.9845845
2017Oasis Power Partners LLC56302W0385Oasis Power Partners, LLCCA60.0174,020174,020
2017Pettern Energy (Ocotillo LLC)57514W0409Ocotillo Express LLCCA265.4541,953541,953
2017Ridgetop Energy LLC54931W0265Ridgetop Energy II (Cannon Energy Corp)CA46.9144,091144,091
2017Ridgetop Energy LLC10597W0297Ridgetop Energy (Cannon Energy Corp - 6092)CA28.548,34648,346
2017San Gorgornio Farms Inc50281W0261San Gorgonio Farms Wind FarmCA30.986,01986,019
2017San Gorgornio Farms Inc10718W0286Karen Avenue Wind FarmCA11.727,25327,253
2017Seawest Energy Group54258W0277Phoenix Wind (Section 20 Trust)CA2.100
2017Seawest Energy Group50820W0278East Winds Project (NAWP Inc)CA3.06,6156,615
2017Seawest Energy Group40485W0292Altech III (NAWP Inc. - 6087)CA18.221,52221,522
2017Seawest Energy Group57302W0299Green Power I (Dutch Energy Corp)CA16.225,27225,272
2017Seawest Energy Group56075W0355High WindsCA162.0306,853306,853
2017Seawest Energy Group58092W0356Solano Wind 3 (SMUD Solano Phase 1)CA127.8332,368332,368
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0259Mogul EnergyCA4.000
2017See WPRS for details50386W0262Windland Inc Boxcar ICA7.516,90116,901
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0301Windland Inc Boxcar IICA7.818,26818,268
2017See WPRS for details50754W0319Oak Creek Wind PowerCA31.562,26162,261
2017See WPRS for details10586W0360Mountain View IIICA22.463,39763,397
2017See WPRS for details54686W0374Difwind Farms Ltd VICA22.332,64632,646
2017See WPRS for details54453W0380EDF Renewable Windfarm V Inc (ENXCO V)CA15.523,30823,308
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0390Golden Acorn CasinoCA1.03,6983,698
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0413WAGNER WIND, LLCCA6.017,61517,615
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0420Manzana WindCA189.0504,558504,558
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0421Shiloh III Wind Project, LLCCA102.5250,578250,578
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0422Shiloh IV Wind Project, LLCCA102.5268,221268,221
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0426Buena Vista Energy LLCCA38.086,41686,416
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0430Mountain View IVCA49.0128,856128,856
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0437Wintec Energy #2-ACA1.33,5423,542
2017See WPRS for details59236W0438Rising Tree Wind Farm IIICA99.0334,683334,683
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0439Dutch Energy Wind FarmCA9.516,60816,608
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0440Garnet Wind Energy CenterCA6.517,23217,232
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0441Alta X Wind Energy CenterCA136.8343,480343,480
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0442Alta XI Wind Energy CenterCA89.7237,246237,246
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0443Mojave 4CA29.070,58470,584
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0444Mojave 5CA22.556,62356,623
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0445Coram Tehachapi LPCA6.512,55412,554
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0447San Gorgonio WindCA49.5167,064167,064
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0449Terra-Gen VG WindCA6.79,9839,983
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0450Mountain View ICA44.4104,527104,527
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0451Mountain View IICA22.251,72651,726
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0452Cabazon WindCA38.862,75862,758
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0455City of SoledadCA1.04,0244,024
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0457Taylor FarmsCA1.03,6623,662
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0458Rising Tree Wind Farm ICA79.2251,067251,067
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0459Rising Tree Wind Farm IICA19.854,59354,593
2017See WPRS for details60049W0461Golden HillsCA85.9280,310280,310
2017See WPRS for detailsMissingW0463Coram Energy LLCCA15.045,97445,974
2017Shiloh III Wind Project56874W0384Shiloh Wind Project 2, LLC (Shiloh II & III)CA153.8376,605376,605
2017Terra-Gen Operating Company50690W0283San Gorgonio Westwinds IICA43.4110,549110,549
2017Terra-Gen Operating Company52161W0359Kumeyaay Wind FarmCA50.0118,317118,317
2017Terra-Gen Operating Company54931W0361Whitewater Hill Partners, LLCCA61.5165,042165,042
2017Terra-Gen Operating Company57757W0367Pacific Wind Project, LLCCA143.5309,711309,711
2017Terra-Gen Operating Company57282W0370Alta I Wind Energy CenterCA150.0369,964369,964
2017Terra-Gen Operating Company57291W0372Alta II Wind Energy CenterCA150.0326,079326,079
2017Terra-Gen Operating Company57292W0387Alta III Wind Energy CenterCA150.0350,658350,658
2017Terra-Gen Operating Company57293W0388Alta IV Wind Energy CenterCA102.0164,311164,311
2017Terra-Gen Operating Company57294W0389Alta V Wind Energy CenterCA168.0265,960265,960
2017Terra-Gen Operating Company10586W0407Cameron RidgeCA59.7167,738167,738
2017Terra-Gen Operating Company57834W0415Pinyon Pines Winds ICA168.0319,581319,581
2017Terra-Gen Operating Company57837W0416Pinyon Pines Winds IICA132.0230,441230,441
2017Windpower Partners 1993 LP50276W0318Wintec Energy, Ltd.CA2.22,0442,044
2017Windstar Energy LLC57774W0419Windstar Energy, LLCCA120.0285,384285,384

International Turbine Research, W0354, reported December 2016 station use as -54,694 kWh. Staff estimated station use as the average of December 2014 and December 2015 values, 52,920 kWh.

End of year online capacity for 2016 was 5,644 MW.


Wind Production (Out of State)

YearCompany NameEIA
Plant ID
Plant ID
Plant NameState Capacity (MW) Gross MWh Net MWh
2017Energia Sierra Juarez S de RL de CVMissingW0460Energia Sierra Juarez, S. de R.L. de C.V. (Baja Mexico Wind)MX155.1453,321443,382
2017SunEdison57079W0417Milford Wind 1 - (Utah)UT203.5469,456442,501
2017SunEdison57107W0418Milford Wind 2 - (Utah)UT100.5246,025246,025

Total Wind Production
(Annual Totals; Excludes Imports)

Year Capacity (MW) Gross MWh Net MWh

Total Wind Production by County

County Capacity (MW) Net MWh
Contra Costa38.086,416
San Bernardino7.26,942
San Diego51.0122,015
San Joaquin3.54,741