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Staff Webinar - Forthcoming Solicitation Regarding Natural Gas Sector Climate Resilience

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California Energy Commission staff will conduct a staff webinar to seek input from stakeholders on the forthcoming solicitation regarding climate resilience in the natural gas sector. The webinar will be held on:

Wednesday, May 22, 2019
1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

California Energy Commission
Sacramento, California 95814

Energy Commission staff is seeking input from stakeholders, including natural gas investor-owned utilities (IOUs), on goals and focus areas of the proposed research as well as mechanisms for engaging IOUs in a collaborative process. This webinar will:

1. Present potential research topics that may be funded by the Natural Gas Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program in the area of fostering natural gas sector climate resilience.

2. Offer IOUs and other stakeholders the opportunity to weigh in, in a public forum, regarding research priorities as well as processes to facilitate production of actionable research.

3. Provide IOUs with the opportunity to state (at the webinar or through public comment submitted to the indicated docket) whether and how they would like to collaborate in the production of actionable research.

The proposed research intends to contribute to a scientifically sound basis for designing, implementing, and tracking progress with regard to natural gas sector climate resilience strategies. To ensure that funded research is actionable, the Energy Commission seeks to engage energy sector stakeholders, IOUs, early in and throughout the process. This webinar provides an opportunity for stakeholders to weigh in regarding what they see as priority research gaps for fostering natural gas sector climate resilience in California. Feedback elicited during this webinar as well as through written public comments submitted to the docket will inform the specific research goals, scope, and approach to be targeted in a forthcoming Grant Funding Opportunity.


Remote Access Available by Computer or Phone via WebEx
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Wednesday, May 22, 2019