Melissa Jones - Biography
Executive Director, California Energy Commission 2008-2011

Picture of Melissa Jones

Melissa Jones was appointed as the California Energy Commission's Executive Director in January 2008 and served in that position until June of 2011. Prior to this appointment, she served as the Commission's Chief Deputy Director and worked in various energy policy and program areas. During her tenure at the Energy Commission, she also has served as an energy policy advisor to Chairman Charles Imbrecht, Commissioner John Geesman and Commissioner Michal Moore.

Ms. Jones has worked at the Energy Commission since 1977 and has a strong grasp of the energy issues facing California. She has program experience in electricity supply and demand analysis, transmission line infrastructure planning and permitting issues, natural gas supply and demand forecasts, transportation fuels, energy research and development and renewable energy.

Following the 2001 Electricity Crisis, she led the Energy Commission's efforts to reinvigorate the agency's forecasting and analytical capabilities and energy policy analysis with the establishment of the Integrated Energy Policy Report process. Ms. Jones also led the effort to identify and develop the data and information regulations to ensure that state decision makers were provided with comprehensive, accurate information necessary to create sound energy policies in California's restructured electricity market.

While working for Chairman Imbrecht, Ms. Jones represented the state in regional negotiations that led to the successful development of the California-Oregon Transmission Project. She also represented the Chairman on the Western State Coordinating Council and the Western Interstate Energy Board.

Ms. Jones also served as served as a Board Member for the California Tahoe Regional Planning Agency in her role as Special Assistant to the Secretary for Resources.

Ms. Jones holds a Bachelors of Science from University of California, Davis in Energy and Resources.