Proposed Diversity Task Force Process

Scope of Responsibility

AB 865 authorizes the Energy Commission to establish a Diversity Task Force to consider and make recommendations about diversity in the energy industry, including diversity of corporate governing boards and procurement from diverse businesses, and addressing and promoting local and targeted hiring.

The Energy Commission would like to better understand how it can increase participation of diverse business enterprises in its funding opportunities and increase the benefits of its programs in disadvantaged communities.
It would also like to better understand policy concerns and options regarding diversity in the energy industry. The Energy Commission is therefore creating the Diversity Task Force to make recommendations on the following:

Task Force Role and Responsibilities

Once convened, the Task Force will meet to establish its internal rules for process and procedure, under the guidance of the Energy Commission. The Task Force Chair will direct the priorities of the Task Force based on the needs and interests of the Energy Commission. Information provided by the Task Force members shall be advisory only and limited to input on diversity .

Members of the Task Force shall not serve in the capacity of staff of the Energy Commission and shall have no authority to negotiate or otherwise act on behalf of the Energy Commission. Official communication between the Task Force members and Energy Commissioners shall be conducted in compliance with existing laws governing interactions between government bodies. The Task Force will formulate a record of discussion through documentation of what is shared at Task Force meetings.

This record is a public document that can be used to help educate staff and Commissioners on relevant topics. The Task Force may also, at the request of either the Task Force Chair or the Energy Commission Chair, draft and submit written or verbal statements to the Energy Commission. Task Force members are not “consultants” under the Political Reform Act and are not subject to the Act’s restrictions or the requirement to file an annual economic interest statement.


The Task Force will meet quarterly or on an as-needed basis as requested by the Energy Commission. Meetings will be public and Energy Commission staff will ensure that they are conducted according to the appropriate public meeting rules and regulations. Energy Commissioners, members of the California Legislature, and Commissioners and Executives from other state agencies may attend these meetings.

Energy Commission Roles and Responsibilities

Energy Commission staff will work closely with the Task Force Chair to set meeting agendas, identify critical issues for Task Force consideration, and coordinate public input. Energy Commission staff will provide proper notice of and an agenda for all Task Force meetings and conference calls, provide Task Force members with necessary materials, and ensure that the public has an opportunity to participate in Task Force meetings. Any person present at a Task Force meeting, conference call, workshop, or hearing shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to make oral comments.

Energy Commission staff will also provide technical and logistical support to the Task Force in setting up meetings and conference calls and in information gathering and analysis on particular issues under consideration of the Task Force. Staff will provide ongoing updates to the Energy Commission on Task Force activities at public meetings. Task Force members may appear before the Commission at public meetings at the request of the Commission.

Task Force Structure

The Task Force is structured as followed:

  • Total number of members:
    • Minimum 12
    • Maximum 15
  • Designations, at least:
    • Corporate Governance Representative
    • Fuels and Transportation Industry Representative
    • Renewable Industry Representative
    • Efficiency Industry Representative
    • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Advocates / Representatives
    • Women Business Enterprise (WBE) Advocates / Representatives
    • Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Advocates / Representatives
    • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Business Enterprise (LGBTBE) Advocates / Representatives
    • (1) Disadvantage Community/Environmental Justice Advocate / Representative
    • (1) Supplier Diversity Expert/Representative
    • (1) Tribal Relations Representative

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