2017 Case Settlements

To ensure the people of California receive the cost savings and environmental benefits of the Commission's energy and water efficiency regulations, and to support a fair market place, the Commission established a comprehensive enforcement program. The program seeks to aggressively enforce appliance efficiency standards through product testing, engagement with manufactures and retailers, education, issuance of penalties and other enforcement actions.

On this page you will find annual summaries of cases settled through the Commission's mutual settlement program and those cases resolved in administrative and civil proceedings. Please note that each case is different with a different set of facts, so prior settlements are not necessarily indicative of future settlements.

Public Resources Code section 25402.11 and Title 20 California Code of Regulations (section 1609) provide the Commission's authority for imposing penalties for violations of the appliance efficiency standards and set forth factors to consider when determining an appropriate penalty. Regulated entities are encouraged to actively monitor all product lines to ensure compliance with the state's energy and water efficiency standards.

Date Settled Case Settlements News Releases &
Settlement Agreements Program Area
1/2017 The NOCO Company (05/23/2017) The NOCO Company Settlement Appliances
2/2017 CTEK Inc. (05/23/2017) CTEK Inc. Settlement Appliances
4/2017 Tonusa, LLC (05/23/2017) Tonusa, LLC Settlement Appliances
5/2017 Advantage Manufacturing Inc. (05/23/2017) Advantage Manufacturing Inc. Settlement Appliances
5/2017 Champion Power Equipment, Inc. (05/23/2017) Champion Power Equipment, Inc. Settlement Appliances
6/2017 Winplus North America Inc. (05/23/2017) Winplus North America Inc. Settlement Appliances
6/2017 Current, powered by GE (05/23/2017) Current, powered by GE Settlement Appliances
6/2017 Wolf Appliances, Inc. (12/01/2017) Wolf Appliances, Inc. Settlement Appliances
7/2017 Wine Enthusiast Companies (12/01/2017) Wine Enthusiast Companies Settlement Appliances
7/2017 Razor USA LLC (12/01/2017) Razor USA LLC Settlement Appliances
8/2017 Ecoreco Corporation (12/01/2017) Ecoreco Corporation Settlement Appliances
9/2017 GE Lighting (12/01/2017) GE Lighting Settlement Appliances
10/2017 Swagway LLC (11/01/2017) Swagway LLC Settlement Appliances
10/2017 Twin-Star International (11/01/2017) Twin-Star International Settlement Appliances
10/2017 Master Spas (12/01/2017) Master Spas Settlement Appliances
11/2017 Pentair Water Pool and Spa Inc. (02/01/2018) Pentair Water Pool and Spa Inc. Settlement Appliances
12/2017 KAZE Appliance Inc. (02/01/2018) KAZE Appliance Inc. Settlement Appliances
12/2017 BSH Home Appliances Corporation (02/01/2018) BSH Home Appliances Corporation Settlement Appliances
12/2017 Briggs and Stratton Corporation (02/01/2018) Briggs and Stratton Corporation Settlement Appliances
12/2017 QC Manufacturing, Inc (02/01/2018) QC Manufacturing, Inc Settlement Appliances