Sylvia Bender - Deputy Director
Energy Assessments Division

Sylvia Bender is the deputy director of the Energy Assessments Division at the California Energy Commission, which has responsibility for electricity, natural gas, and transportation energy demand forecasting, distributed generation integration, grid reliability, and resource planning.

Ms. Bender previously worked for the California Geological Survey (Department of Conservation) before joining the Energy Commission. Prior to her state career, she held faculty appointments at Arizona State University and the University of the Pacific teaching information literacy and critical thinking skills.

Ms. Bender earned a bachelor of arts in English from the University of California, Davis, a master of arts in Information Science from the University of Denver, and a master of arts in Geography from Arizona State University. She lives in Sacramento, where she spends her free time thinking about remodeling her mid-century modern house, volunteering as a master gardener, and traveling.