Albert Lundeen - Assistant Executive Director
Strategic Planning and Media

Albert Lundeen is the deputy executive director for strategic planning and media at the California Energy Commission, with responsibilities for public education outreach and media relations. He helps tell the stories of the Energy Commission through managing publications, hosting international visitors, and interacting with news reporters. Mr. Lundeen has established multiple platforms, including the Energy Commission’s blog, from which the Commission shares its news.

Previously, Mr. Lundeen worked as the deputy director of public affairs at the California Department of Public Health, where his team earned the “Best Bang for the Buck” award three consecutive years from the California State Information Officers Council for significant news coverage return for minimal financial investment.

As a former journalist, Mr. Lundeen worked for television stations where he reported and anchored the news. He later was part of a leadership team that won more than a dozen ballot measure and public education campaigns in California. He earned a juris doctor degree at the University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law. He holds a master’s degree in English literature from California State University, Sacramento. He completed his bachelor’s degree in communication at California State University, Chico. Mr. Lundeen makes his home in Sacramento, brags about his two daughters, and rides a bike to work.