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Three New Energy Efficiency Standards Go Into Effect Offering Customers Better Lighting Choices

The standards cover light bulbs, LEDs and small-diameter directional lamps

Three new energy efficiency standards went into effect January 1 that give consumers the choice of better quality light bulbs, LEDs, and small-diameter directional lamps.

In California, there are more than 600 million sockets for general service and reflector light bulbs. Half of those still use old incandescent light bulbs.

To address that fact, California opted to permit the federal general service light bulb standard to take effect two years ahead of national adoption. This ensures consumers start saving energy and money earlier. Incandescent and halogen light bulbs will not be able to meet the standard, leaving the door open to more energy saving light bulbs.

The newest LED and compact fluorescent technology make light bulbs more efficient and longer lasting.

Consumers will save more than $4 billion in aggregate over the first 13 years with the LED and small-diameter directional lamp standards. Consumers will also conserve enough electricity to power the equivalent of roughly 400,000 homes.