DOCUMENTS from the California Energy Commission Related to Federal Energy Corridors

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California Energy Commission Comments on Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement, Designation of Energy Corridors on Federal Land in 11 Western States. February 7, 2008. (PDF file, 7 pages, 68 kb).

Proposed Section 368 Energy Corridors, California
(PDF File. 2 pgs. 2.1 mb.) Posted: November 14, 2007.

California Energy Commission's Comments on U.S. Dept of Energy's DRAFT National Interest Electric Transmission Corridor Designation - Southwest Area National Corridor, July 2, 2007. (PDF file, 6 pages, 63 kb).

Federal Agencies Release Preliminary Map of Potential Energy Corridors on Federal Lands in the West - Joint News Release from U.S. Department of Energy, the Department of Interior's Bureau of Land Management, the Department of Agriculture's U.S. Forest Service, and the U.S. Department of Defense, June 9, 2006. (PDF file, 1 page, 73 kb)

New Release from California Energy Commission, June 9, 2006 - California's Energy Interests Protected in Federal Energy Corridors, Draft map released to solicit public input

California Energy Commission's Final Comments on National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors, letter to U.S. Dept of Energy, March 6, 2006. (PDF file, 21 pages, 105 kb).

Energy Commission Meeting Documents

Staff Response

Response to U.S. Department of Energy's August 2006 National Electric Transmission Congestion Study: Comment of the California Energy Commission, by Jim McCluskey, Transmission Program Specialist and Kenneth L. Glick, Staff Counsel, Dated October 10, 2006. Posted October 20, 2006 (PDF file, 53 pgs. 984 kb)

February 8 & 9, 2006, Workshops

Workshops Notice

Agenda for Workshops, posted 2/2/06.


February 8, 2006, posted 2/17/06. (PDF file, 58 pgs. 92 kb)

February 9, 2006, posted 2/16/06. (PDF file, 66 pgs. 104 kb)

Documents and Maps for Workshop

Background and Other Documents and Reports

Wyoming-California Corridor Transmission Expansion Study - CONSULTANT REPORT. Energy Commission publication # CEC-700-2006-008, posted 6/13/06. (Acrobat PDF, 50 pages, 1.5 megabytes)

H.R. 6 - Energy Policy Act of 2005, Secton 368 et.seq. (PDF file, 10 pages, 32 kb)

Relevant sections of Federal Register on Notice to Prepare Environmental Impact Statement, etc., Federal Register Volume. 70, No. 187, September 28, 2005. Posted on line: January 24, 2006. (PDF file, 3 pages, 64 kb)