Transportation accounts for a major portion of California's overall energy consumption and has a significant impact on air quality. It is also the single largest source of the state's greenhouse gas emissions. Since 1975, the California Energy Commission has promoted a secure, affordable, reliable, and environmentally sound transportation energy infrastructure by ensuring that the supply, production, distribution, and price of petroleum fuels and other blending components are available to meet demand; and viable alternative, low-carbon, and renewable fuel options exist. The links below provide current data and information on the programs and projects administered at the Energy Commission.

Data, Facts, & Statistics

Vehicles (As of 10/1/2015)

  • Total registered on-road vehicles in California: 29,830,797
  • Total registered light-duty cars in California: 16,101,262
  • Total registered light-duty trucks in California: 12,741,718
  • Total registered medium and heavy-duty vehicles in California: 987,817
  • Total registered motorcycles in California: 837,717 

Source: Calif. Department of Motor Vehicles, and Energy Commission’s Transportation Energy Forecasting Unit, June 2016

Vehicle Distribution

Vehicle Distribution