Final 2017 Integrated Energy Policy Report

Final 2017 Integrated Energy Policy Report, Adopted February 21, 2018

The Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR) is the state's principal energy policy report. The 2017 IEPR addresses: 

  • The urgent need to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from California's energy system, including the transportation sector. 
  • The state's progress implementing the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act (De León, Chapter 547, Statutes of 2015) (Senate Bill 350) to increase in the use of renewables to meet 50 percent of the state's electricity needs, double energy efficiency savings, advance transportation electrification, and ensure that low-income and disadvantaged communities participate in and benefit from California's energy advancements. 
  • Renewable gas in response to the requirements in Senate Bill 1383 (Lara, Chapter 395, Statutes of 2016) which called for developing "recommendations for the development and use of renewable gas, including biomethane and biogas as part of its 2017 Integrated Energy Policy Report." 
  • Ongoing efforts to maintain energy reliability in Southern California.
  • Updates to the state's 10-year electricity and natural gas forecast. 
  • Updates to the transportation energy forecasts.
  • Efforts to make California's energy system more resilient to climate change.

Senate Bill 1389 (SB 1389, Bowen and Sher, Chapter 568, Statutes of 2002) requires the California Energy Commission (CEC) to:

"[C]onduct assessments and forecasts of all aspects of energy industry supply, production, transportation, delivery and distribution, demand, and prices. The [CEC] shall use these assessments and forecasts to develop energy policies that conserve resources, protect the environment, ensure energy reliability, enhance the state's economy, and protect public health and safety." (Pub. Res. Code § 25301(a)).

The CEC adopts an Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR, pronounced eye'-per) every two years and an update every other year. This proceeding, docket # 17-IEPR-01, covers the 2017 IEPR.

2017 IEPR Scoping Order

This proceeding consists of the following dockets:


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