California’s economy depends on affordable, reliable, and environmentally sound supplies of electricity, natural gas, and transportation fuels. The challenge for California’s policy makers is to manage an energy sector that is shifting away from oil and natural gas and moving to a sustainable future with renewable energy resources and alternative transportation vehicles.

Senate Bill 1389 (Bowen, Chapter 568, Statutes of 2002) requires the Energy Commission to prepare a biennial integrated energy report. The report contains an integrated assessment of major energy trends and issues facing California’s electricity, natural gas, and transportation fuel sectors. The report provides policy recommendations to conserve resources, protect the environment, ensure reliable, secure, and diverse energy supplies, enhance the state’s economy, and protect public health and safety.

2003-2016 IEPR Final Reports

Please contact Raquel Kravitz from the IEPR team if you need a copy of a prior version of the IEPR (for years 2003-2016)

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Assistant Executive Director, Policy Development

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