Response to Energy Emergencies in California & Contingency Planning

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The California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) is the primary agency for responding to all California emergencies. The Energy Commission works with and provides support to CalOES in the form of information gathering, technical expertise, programs, and contingency planning. In the past two decades, the Energy Commission has responded to energy disruptions as a result of fire, earthquake, civil unrest, and supply disturbances.

The principal contingency planning programs include the Energy Emergency Response Plan, Petroleum Fuels Set-Aside Program, Local Government Program, Economic Assistance Program, and Demand Reduction Program.

  • State of California Energy Assurance Plan.
    (June 2014, publication #CEC-600-2014-006) (PDF file, 234 pgs, 3.6 megabytes)
  • Energy Emergency Response Plan. The California Energy Emergency Response Plan is the state's strategy for responding to an energy emergency. The Plan contains an overview of the management and communication structure the Energy Commission staff use when responding to energy emergencies.
  • Petroleum Fuels Set-Aside Program. The purpose of California's petroleum fuels set-aside program is to assist emergency and essential service personnel who are unable to acquire sufficient volumes of fuel at any price during an emergency.
  • Local Government Program. The purpose of this project is to help local governments deal effectively with an energy supply disruption.
  • Demand Reduction. An important part of responding to any energy emergency is reducing demand. The Energy Commission may recommend appropriate measures to mitigate the impacts of reduced energy supplies.

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For more information on energy emergency planning, please contact:

Drew Bohan, Executive Director
California Energy Commission
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Phone: 916-654-4996

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Energy Emergency Response Plan

The Energy Commission is in the Readiness Phase of its Energy Emergency Response Plan.